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by Espero
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A changing America
This is the future: a barren stark place,
Everyone here wears the same stolid face.
They all act alike, believe what they’re told,
Live in a world that is uniform and cold.

I’m from the past: I remember it well,
My friend, I’ve brought a sad tale to tell.
My world was full of compassion and love.
Sparked by values brought from above.

My ancestors fought for freedom of speech,
Protestors protested, preachers preached.
If you didn’t like what you heard or saw,
You could speak your mind, or go to the law.

Each case was unique, not sensationalized,
The truth was the truth, not spun full of lies.
Reporters were honest, they told what was true,
They weren’t paid to speak for the cause of a few.

I don’t mean to say there weren’t problems back then,
Some things needed fixing now and again.
Like acceptance of others to live as they choose,
Without confrontation, without pushing views.

In my time, Americans stood proud and tall,
Believed in liberty and justice for all.
The right to bear arms, to fight for our land,
To show kindred spirit, to reach out a hand.

Then Christmas was said with no hint of fear,
Although Muslims, Buddhists, and others lived near.
Respect was shown for all customs and races,
Our nation was built from each of those places.

It’s only when government started to speak,
That people became compliant and meek.
Our rights were taken, our thoughts as well,
Everyone bought what they had to sell.

At Present: I walk past and know what you think,
You are told what to say and when you can blink.
Your mind has been programmed, there is no free will,
Except for the memories that they cannot kill.

Rise up and speak out, regain what you’ve lost,
Fight for your country no matter the cost.
Don’t let anyone tell you how to live,
Be humble and kind; know how to forgive.

Be a voice for the poor, the weak, and the lame,
It’s OK if we’re different and not all the same,
Recapture American spirit and grace,
An example to others, a wonderful place.

44 Lines

Acknowledgement: The phrase “humble and kind” inspired from
Tim McGraw’s song of the same name

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