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This is my Fourth Month Questionnaire for The Whole New World Contest. Story coming soon?

Fourth Month Questionnaire

Month Four: People
Due November 5th at 11:59 p.m. WDC time.

1. What races are in this world?

That is a very good question. The answer to it isn't. We aren't sure what they look like. So far, we have found very little about them in images and we haven’t found out anything when it comes to structures or paintings. From what we have found they appear to be two legged, two armed, inhabitants but their heads and skin is alien. We think their heads look like two large red bumpy flatten globes stuck together.

2. What are the customs like? What are the social norms (greetings, manners, etc.)?

Before any asks, we don't know what kind of a greeting they had or even if they had any. We are sure that they some kind of greeting. Whether it was a gesture or verbal we don’t know. It was probably both and different kinds too. The same we think is true about their manners. From what we have discovered from their writing they were a very easy going race. They were very polite to each other most of the time and outsiders if there ever was any. As for their customs and social norms, we don’t know too much about them. We were hoping you would be able to answer those questions.

3. What are some hobbies that people have?

Pasina and Hicte are pretty much like every other populated planet, spaceship, etc. they had several forms of entertainment and didn’t kinds of hobbies. Also like the rest of the universe that entertainment and hobbies were pretty much the same too. They were called something different and played or done differently, but they were still pretty much the same. At least it looks that way from what we have found so far. It looks like they had both indoor and outdoor entertainment.

4. What language systems are there?

It took a long time to figure out their language, but we think we have done it. It’s not a very complicated one. The language on this planet appears to be similar to all the other planets in the universe. There is one difference that you don’t find on too many planets. It appears to be just one language. Whether it’s worldwide or each individual cave city we don’t know.

5. What is the family system like?

Also like most of the universe, there is a family structure on Pasina. It runs from single individuals to family size groups. The family usually consisted of parents and one to six children. So far, we haven’t found anything to indicate there have been more than six. We also haven’t found anything that said there were single parent families. They were either single or part of a family.

6. What rituals are there (marriage, death, etc.)?

With families, that usually means a marriage of some kind. Especially if they are parents. What they called that marriage is unknown, but we are almost positive it wasn’t marriage. As for death, we think they disposed of the death by fire. We don’t know exactly where it’s done. There doesn’t seem to be a place or places where it could be done. So why do we think that’s how they do it. It’s because we haven’t found anything else that might be doing it. Unless it’s some kind of instant vaporizing weapon. As for any other rituals they might have we are sure they had some others, but we don’t know what they are yet.

7. What are relationships (romantic and otherwise) like? This might also include rituals.

About half the population of Hicte appeared to be single. So we are sure they had relationships of some kind. What we don’t know is what those relationships are. Was it mere companionship or was it personal involvement or both. We are pretty sure it was both, but we don’t know that for sure.

8. Anything else you can think of that falls into this category.

It’s true, there is a lot we do know about the Pasinans. We are just guessing about most of this. True, we think we are guessing correctly but we could be wrong. The big question is what are we wrong about and what are we right about. It’s possible we aren’t right about any of this. At least not when it comes to them personally. That’s where you come in. We are hoping you can help us to find out about their personal lives. It might just help us to figure out what finally happen to them.
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