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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2102052
A story about a evil dictator taking over the earth, and the quest to defeat him.
Gracefully Disgraceful Heroes Rory Smith
Chapter One - The End of the Beginning.

I lived in the darkened times.
I lived in the times, where everything happened.
I lived a life through history.
So here is my dark, and brutal story.
Hope you are in the golden times.
Where good things happen to nice people.
Is it too late for me?
Is that what you always say?

This was the moment when hell had arrived on Earth, that had been prophesised from the beginnings of time.
King Badman and his sycophantic idoliser Razrap, had gotten their hands on 30 powerful nuclear bombs. Which they planted in 30 of the most populated areas of the world. The terrorists takeover was on the cards.
King Badman was a tall American criminal. He was built like a cruiserweight boxer. And had built up a multi billion pound property empire, on the back of protection rackets, gangster funded deals, and crooked frauds. His evil empire consisted of illegal drugs, robberies, internet con deals, and forcing politicians to give him funds from the tax take.
His closest protégé was the muscular large blonde haired Razrap. A former roofer, and computer programmer, who had worked his way up through King Badman’s criminal empire, to become his most trusted advisor and assassin.
Tonight their criminal empire would become an empire, of the like, the world had never seen before.
King Badman stood in the middle of Time Square with a broadcast crew. They broadcast live during the American Football Super Bowl, In a cleared Time Square, King Badman spoke with the entire world watching, ‘Tonight I King Badman, give you this message. I have planted 30 atomic bombs widely distributed across the world with the potential to kill 3 billion of your people. Myself and my closest advisor Razrap, order that you surrender all governments of the world to my control. Or else these bombs will be detonated killing billions.’
The crowd at the Super Bowl went silent in fear, then some people cried, and screamed in shock.
King Badman stated on, ‘You have 3 hours for all governments of the world to surrender to my control. Where I will be proclaimed as Grand Emperor King Badman of the Planet Earth. Oh by the way! I hope you enjoy the game. I hear the Steelers have a great quarterback.’
The game carried on while the presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, emperors, and first ministers of the nations of the world, agreed to surrender to King Badman’s control.
The flag of King Badman’s criminal empire was a black and red skull and cross bones, with small NAZI swastikas on the four corners of the flag.
This flag was raised across the planet in the parliaments, assemblies, palaces, presidential official residences, and civil service departments of the planet.
Every school was ordered to hold an assembly where the children were forced to swear allegiance to the new ruler of the planet.
Every workplace had to have a 5 minute swearing in of loyalty to the new supreme commander of the planet, King Badman.
All over the planet, from Scotland, to Sudan, from Saudi Arabia to Switzerland, from Poland, to Portugal, from England, to Ethiopia, from the USA to Russia, from Wales to Belgium, and from Antarctica to the Arctic all the humans were forced to swear allegiance to this new ruler. Every city from London to New York, from Chicago to Beijing, from Liverpool to Sau Paulo, from Lagos to Cape Town, and from Aberdeen to Hong Kong were ordered to have an immediate surrender of the police to the new laws of the evil King Badman.
King Badman legalised rape, bullying, wife beating, serial killers, mugging, racism, sexism, homophobia, child abuse and murder on the basis that goodness was a weakness to hate. King Badman proclaimed that strength and evil must be recognised as the new moral guardians of society. To him laws against crime were unnatural laws designed to aid the weak from natural selection. He called the old laws, a protection of the weak over the natural justice of natural selection.
King Badman ordered the release of millions of murderers, muggers, wife beaters, bullies, rapists and child abusers.
The torturers were rewarded with plumb positions of power in his new empire. The empire was named The Empire of the Realists.
And the most sickest and evilest of men were appointed as new leaders of this evil and vile civilisation. Torturers, rapists, wife beaters, were appointed as the new heads of this society.
The new criminal world would see prisons locking up charity people. The new reversal of moral logic was to be worshiped, and King Badman as the demonic god to be prayed for.
Razrap, a vile paedophile, was rewarded with 1000 underage girls to sleep with as his underage harem of evil abuse.
King Badman awarded himself the right to rape any woman or child, no matter what age, on the point of death.

Chapter Two - Pandemonium.
But against the knowledge of King Badman, a rebel force had prepared. On the other side of the Moon in the Pandemonium Base, the Angel Hero Coalition met, once they had learnt of this invasion.
The Angel Hero Coalition consisted of seven heroes.
Number one was The Eatingman. The Eatingman ate everything without getting fat. He could eat through anything. He was quite fat, but that was because he liked a good dinner. He looked 43 years old and had a Scottish accent.
Next there was Plantilla the Organicwoman. She was a Welsh woman who looked 29 years old. She was dark haired, and of average height. But her special power was that she had all plants under her control. She could attack others, with this amazing power. She could make trees bend, plants fly, and mushrooms explode.
The third I will tell you of, was Beelady. She was a commander of all bees. She could make them sting anyone. Also she wore a yellow and black uniform. She also was below average height blonde haired, and was a lesbian.
Also another of the heroes was The Computewoman. She wore glasses, and a flowery dress, and was of Indian heritage. She had the power to know everything on the internet. No matter how obscure or top secret. She had knowledge of everything on every computer network in the world. She had 10, treble first degrees, in a variety of different subjects. And was the most intelligent human in the universe.
Next there was The Globe. His power was to travel round the world to hit people in the back. He travelled twice speed of light. He was a bulky African American man, who had suffered racism and slavery as a kid. But was now a very powerful man, who evil men feared.
Another of these angelic heroes was The Swan, also known as The Swan Man. He was able to fly, and was six foot tall. He could swim under water, at vast paces. He was a man who had swan plumage on his arms. And he had wings.
Finally the last of the Angel Heroes I mention was the great hero known as Mobile. She could hear every telephone conversation and know what was being said. She could communicate with every satellite, radio, telephone or walkie talkie system. She was a dark haired Japanese woman.

But today they saw the horror that was engulfing Earth. A new world order had taken over the Earth. A hell on earth where rape was in every woman’s hell. Where death and murder stretched round every corner. Where bullies and other evil doers were free to bully people to suicide, harass innocents until their lives were ruined. And where if you fought back you would be punished, and if you did not fight back you would be punished. And the Badman and his bullying logic decided that if anyone fought back against evil they would be killed, and if you did not fight back you would deserve the pain you were suffering because you were weak and weakness was to be eliminated. It was in his sick evil twisted version of natural selection.
Yet if anyone fought back against evil they were punished with torture and death.

The Eatingman spoke to his meeting on the Moon, ‘Today we must plan to defeat this evil. I suggest a full scale attack on the base where King Badman is staying, and a complete removal of this evil from the Earth.’
But behind the adventurous spirit of The Eatingman, lurked a broken, broken hearted man. The woman he loved. The funny faced dark haired beautiful woman of 40 years old, was one of unrequited love. She refused him twice, and moved in with an overweight gardener 10 years her senior. The Eatingman had never had girlfriend, and had only slept with women a few times. His fatness and effeminate manner put off women. The Eatingman wrote a sad, poor quality poem to himself about his failure with women, ‘Women don't want me.
And it breaks my heart.
Yes indeed, it does.
Yes indeed, it does.
Women don't want me.
And if I'm not careful.
It'll make me bitter, angry, sinister, and tearful.
But I ain't giving into those enemies of my sanity.
But no matter what, women don't want me.
Guess it makes me kind of sad.
No matter what, it causes in my heart, the suicidal tendencies, and frustration in my mind.
Women won't want me.
And it makes me kind of sad.
They say at least I'll never break another woman's heart.
And that kind of breaks my heart.
But baby, I guess I just need to escape into my dreams.
So much for sympathy.
Not in any heart it seems.
Guess that never won a man anything.
Cruel to be kind, is the way of the world.
They say it is better to have loved and lost.
But I don't feel that way.
And I knew I never would.
But I am tested like Job’s heart over and over.
And I wish I had never had.
I wish I never went mad, and decided to love.’

Chapter Three - The Force Field.
The seven heroes travelled on their spaceship at half the speed of light to the force field that King Badman had planted round the planet. They travelled to Earth to take on Razrap and King Badman.
The first thing they saw was how to get through the force field. And in his way of greatness, The Eatingman got out of the spaceship and ate away the force field.
Next Computewoman used her amazing intelligence to ensure the ship, avoided the radar and satellite detectors. So King Badman and Razrap did not know they were on their way.
The other six asked Computewoman how she did it. She explained that she had all the internet in her head, and that she knew everything.
The Globe asked, ‘So you know everything on the internet. Tell us something we do not know then.’
Computewoman replied, ‘Did you know the moon landings were fake, aliens exist, but are fake and made up by the CIA to hide secret missions, the governments are polluting the sky with chemtrails, 9/11 was an inside job, JFK was assassinated by LBJ, and the Queen is a giant lizard?’
The Globe replied, ‘Really I thought they were just conspiracy theories.’
Computewoman replied, ‘Yes they are. But they are great fun to read about. I also have the power to tell what is true, and what is fake on the internet, which is almost as useful as knowing all that the internet says.’
While the spaceship flew down. The Eatingman, spoke to the others about how upset he was about his unrequited love. The others tried to talk him down from his depression. He said sometimes he felt deep depression that could not be extinguished. But he knew never to blame women for his rejection. It was not the job of women to find him attractive or alluring.
But he always remembered the saying that, if you are feeling down go out and help someone. And today was the day to go out and save the earth.
He tried to describe to the others how he felt, ‘I feel a heavy sagging feeling on the middle sides of my brain. A heavy feeling over the middle of my brain. Then curiously light headed by the humiliation. Occasionally a cold shocking sensation passing through the brain. Intermingled with feelings of fire in the front of my face and cheeks. And an intellectual feeling of suppressed anger and defeat.’
The others tried not to be freaked out by The Eatingman’s broken heart.

Chapter Four - Evil Explained.
Back on Earth, King Badman and Razrap were abusing some innocent people. Razrap shot dead a man for walking funny. Then he went and called innocent people creepy and weird and then shot them, as punishment for his judgement of normal. King Badman ordered his team to get him 3 young beautiful women from an office, and force them to have sex with him. The two evil thugs explained that bullying, rape, wife beating, child abuse should be legal to weed out the weak from the species.
Razrap thought it funny to set out a new order, the murder of all children who cannot run fast. And the execution of old aged pensioners by being chased by dogs.
Then the two evil doers said they didn’t like nerds because they are all perverts even though King Badman and Razrap were rapists. This just showed all evil people try to claim they are normal, and their victims are the strange ones, even when the evidence to the contrary stared them in the face.

Chapter Five - Detector.
Later in the day.
The seven angel heroes needed to detect where Razrap and King Badman were hiding. Mobile detected them in a secret underground hideout in a forested mountain range in the USA. The seven travelled in their ship the Andromeda to the secret base of evil. They travelled over cities and towns, and villages in pasture land. The world was still beautiful in rural parts, even if the urban areas had turned to wreck and ruin with society falling part, and people dying all over the place. The cities had constant fires and streams of smoke polluting the environment.
Mobile stated to the others, ‘This can’t be good for global warming.’
As they approached cities they saw the dead lying uncared for, as scavenger animals fed on their remains. But the cities were littered with crashed cars, hellish scenes of destruction, fire, violence, riots, crime, fear and terror.
Evil had taken over the world. And the victims were thrown away like mud from a broken shoe.

Chapter Six - Razrap the Ruthless.
The head quarters and base of Razrap and King Badman was under a managed forest, of deciduous and coniferous trees. A forest of deer, and other wild game. With wild birds making curious sounds.
Razrap detected using powerful imaging systems, the arrival of the Andromeda. King Badman told Razrap to check out why a ship had landed above their base. They were not sure if it was a threat to them, but wanted to check in any case.
Razrap and King Badman could not place the crew exactly so sent out a force of 100 soldiers under the control of Razrap to take on these interlopers.
The bad guys sneaked through the forest looking for the interlopers.
But the 101 bad guys did not predict the special powers that Plantilla Organicwoman had. She used the plants to her advantage. Plantilla used the plants to enwrap the soldiers by moving the trees, their trunks, their branches, and twigs and leaves to enwrap the bad guys. Within seconds the bad guys laid on the ground enwrapped by solid wood, screaming in terror. The weapons, and communication devices were taken to ground, and dismantled and crushed under the heavy trunks of wood.
Razrap tried to flee but Beelady commanded a swarm of bees to take him down, as he was stung, he then collapsed in defeat.
Razrap was then under the command of Plantilla enwrapped in wooden branches, to ensure he could not escape.
The seven walked up to Razrap and interrogated the evil demon. The Globe shouted at him, ‘Tell us how to get into the base of King Badman, or else there will be hell to pay.’
Razrap laughed, ‘You are good guys. You can do nothing to me. By your code, the weakness of good, you would never hurt me. I will stay loyal to the uberman that is King Badman.’
But in great goodness, the good guys used the powers the good use to take war against evil through the ages. They used the motivations of punishment, and vengeance to threaten Razrap.
The Globe said, ‘If you don’t tell us how to get into your base. Then we will get The Eatingman to eat your feet off.’
Razrap looked on in fear at the bulging stomach of The Eatingman, and then said, ‘OK I will tell you.’
Razrap then explained there were secret passages into the base including an underwater tunnel.

Chapter Seven - Under the Water.
The Swan Man decided to go underwater himself by the secret tunnel, while the other six entered the base using a more prosaic way. As The Swan approached the lake lying above the underground base, he saw some mute swans, with their cygnets, and said to himself out loud, ‘That reminds me I need to get by babies some presents. When I come back safe from this mission.’
The Swan swam underwater, down through the deep lake, and into a secret tunnel, of water that led into the base. The tunnel was dark, but The Swan used a powerful pair of night vision goggles to see through the tunnel. He would have to use his beak and hands to smash through the locks, that led to the underground base.
Meanwhile The Eatingman ate a tunnel through the ground and rock to the underground base.

Chapter Eight - Evil Strikes Again.
Meanwhile the evil King Badman was busy having an evil underage sex party with some girls and boys. He was sick and evil, beyond imagination. Twisted by the morally upside down world of evil that he had created.
He was a warped, depraved, bad individual. And he proudly boasted to his servants who were largely sex abusers themselves, that sex abuse is right, because powerful men have their special desires, and they need to find a release for the stress of running the world.
He also argued in his evil manner, ‘Victims are narcissists, who think everyone should treat them well. Well it is time they realised no one has a right to not be offended.’
Just then a kid shouted out at King Badman, ‘Please don’t abuse me anymore you sick vile man.’
King Badman furiously shouted back, ‘Take this child to the cells and deal with him as I have commanded.’
You see a lot of horrible old people love to use the term narcissism for anyone who is suffering, and claim that victims of abuse or illness are narcissists, while the abuser is just carrying out free libertine desires.’
King Badman said to one child rapist servant, ‘It is time parents stopped caring about their kids. All these creepy people need to deal with it.’
Just then another child stood up, and pleaded for King Badman to stop abusing him. King Badman was furious and called for the child to be locked up, for disagreeing with him.
All in all King Badman had individually killed over 4,000 people since coming to power, not counting the many, many hundreds of millions killed by his policies.
King Badman was one of the most prolific serial killers in history, and one of the most gruesome predatory child abusers in history. He was proud of that.

Chapter Nine - The Fight Back.
The six heroes got into the underground building and sneaked through the corridors of power.
Plantilla used a few strategically placed plant pots to kill some bad guys.
Computewoman used her knowledge of the plan of the building, to defeat the goons. A man with aspergers had hacked into the computer system of the base, and placed it on the internet for people to download. But it was on a very obscure website that only the search engines had visited.
Computewoman also looked up on the internet some special fight moves, and used them, against 10 enemy guards. Destroying the defence that King Badman had for himself.
King Badman stayed in his base abusing kids. When Mobile communicated to the others that there were vulnerable people in the building who needed to be saved from suffering at the hands of King Badman and King Badman‘s child abusing guards.

Chapter Ten - Free the Weak.
The six heroes fought their way to the chamber where King Badman was abusing kids. King Badman looked on and sneered psychopathically at the 6 goodies. Then threatened them, ‘I am the wealthiest man in history. The most powerful man in history, and I hold dozens of children as my indentured servants. And a entire world as my slave. There is nothing you can do to stop me. If you lay one finger on me, then I will kill everyone in this room. Now kneel down and surrender to me.’
The six kneeled down and then prepared for the moment of death.
The Globe glanced at Mobile and winked.
You see it was not their own deaths they were waiting for.
The wall behind King Badman exploded. And from nowhere, came a gun totting, grenade carrying hero, The Swan.
King Badman turned to face The Swan.
The Swan said, ‘Something seems to be wrong with your plumbing. King Badman.’
King Badman looked shocked, then The Swan pecked into the chest of King Badman, ramming through his heart with the force of a bullet. Then The Swan pulled out the heart of King Badman.
The Swan crowed, ‘I guess he never did have a heart, and now I mean this literally.’
The six others laughed and the traumatised children looked on in terror.
The Swan then turned round to preen his feathers.
The 7 heroes thought they had won already, but suddenly a freed Razrap appeared, and ran toward the safe house, behind The Swan, that contained the nuclear button.
The Globe moved fast round the globe then punched Razrap, through his body, and pulling out the lungs of Razrap. Razrap then heaved a silent death cry. The Globe screamed, ‘Take a deep breath, Razrap or should I say Raz out of breath rap.’

The heroes then freed the children and declared the rule of King Badman officially over. Evil had been defeated and good had won. Although the surviving victims of this rule would need counselling for decades. King Badman had taken number one place as the most lethal dictator in history.

Chapter Eleven - Party On All Night.
The governments had been restored, and the Angel Heroes,
Were proclaimed as international superstars. The world was restored to goodness, as evil doers were sent back to prison. Leaders were restored with democracy in control.
The seven returned to Pandemonium Base and baby it was pandemonium.
The seven partied on their base, with in the background pictures of the famous times they saved the world from hell. Many superstars attended the party. With supermodels, footballers, soccer players, rugby players, athletes, swimmers, politicians, actors, writers, poets, billionaires, millionaires, successful police officers, actresses, scientists, archaeologists and molecular biologists, at the party.
The Swan walked in with his wife, a female swan woman, and his five baby cygnets who all had grey feathers. He had bought them all musical instruments. As Mute Swans like to play instruments. The cygnets loved their presents and the fact that the world had been saved from hell.
The Globe and Mobile went to look at some of the pictures from history, that had been taken when the heroes had fought evil people.
There was a picture of Adolf Hitler being punched in the face by the Globe.
There was a picture of Stalin being smashed over the head with a saucepan by the Globe.
There was a picture of Chairman Mao being hit in the head with a crown green bowling bowl by the Globe.
There was a picture of Genghis Khan being walloped with a club by the Globe.
There was a picture of King Henry the Eighth being smashed over the head with pottery by the Globe.
There was a picture of Pontius Pilate being punched in the face by The Globe, for Pontius Pilate killing Jesus.
Then there was the picture of the Devil being hit over the head with a spade for being evil.
Mobile said to Globe, ‘You sure like defeating evil people, don’t you Globe.’
Six of the heroes all had a big laugh.
Meanwhile, The Eatingman read out another poem he had composed, about the broken heart he had, and everyone cried.
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