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by Temmi
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Dark · #2102084
Alright, as promised! Chapter 4
The man was now clearly visible, almost 4 times the size of Arthur. His tongue flickered in and out like a serpent, his eyes had fire for pupils, long, gnarly hands with huge black talons on the ends, gripping a long trident made out of living lava. He wore a dark black suit, with a white undershirt and a blood-red tie. He also came with a nice jazz-player type hat. The figure just stood in front of Arthur, and seemed to be studying him. Once he seemed to be done, he stood back and replied "Sorry, old chap! I must have the wrong room! My bad!" and tipped his hat toward me as a farewell. But when he removed his hat I noticed he had horns!!! Sticking right out of his head! He stopped and asked the strange man "Wait!! Who are you? And who are you looking for? If you tell me where I am I might be able to help you find whoever it is." The man replied "I thank you for the offer, but you cannot help me find who I am looking for. I am looking for my son. One of my agents told me he had been moved on my "supposed authority" so now i am on the search for him. As for the other thing, you are in a place the mortals call "Purgatory" and I can't help you escape, unless....." Arthur's eyes widened into kiwis at the prospect of any kind of escape. He got onto his knees in front of him, begging "Please, mister! I'll do anything! Just tell me what to do." The stranger replied "Your soul. If you were to relinquish your soul to me, I might be able to release you." Not really understanding what that really meant, Arthur readily agreed. The man then went "All right then! Let's do this thing! Be mindful it has been a while since I have performed this, so there may be a slight....discomfort...." He then raised his palms toward him, and a red glowing energy seemed to begin to flow out of them. Once it reached him, he started to feel it again. That burning from his insides, but this time the pain came tenfold! Then in another voice, he shouted "Augh!! It hurts! Father, please!!" The man immediately stopped his magic, and said with a slight hesitation "Son?????" The voice came out again, and Arthur sat helpless against it. "Dad? You finally came! Only took you 3 centuries!" And then the burning stopped, and Arthur returned. Arthur stood up off the floor, and said in a defiant voice "Alright, I want to know what the hell is going on, and I want to know right this minute." But then something started to happen to the big man. His hat started to turn red and ashy, his trident moved more violently. He started to shout at Arthur, with a voice that he could not just hear, but feel. "Oh, I think you misunderstand the situation. Now you are going to tell me what you have done to my son, or I will personally see you are sent to the deepest darkest pit I can find down here!" He shoved his trident inches away from his neck, as to get answers, while Arthur stood terrified. Then he felt a surge of power, and lashed out at the beast. "Begone, beast!" He shouted, and in a flash of white light, both beings were sent reeling. Dazed and surprised, he stood up, shocked at the miracle. He muttered under his breath, barely recognizable "No, it can't be. There hasn't been one of those since..." He quickly sprinted off back into his portal, and as soon as he was through, the portal vanished, as if it was never there.
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