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Lady Elf takes you into the depths of depression and beyond.


Under the table with head in my hands,

How do I beat this I have no plans.

Creeping upon me like a dark heavy cloud,

Please go away as I beg it out loud.

Someone help me to fight this dark beast,

Let me die in your arms to live in peace.

Stealing my smiles, bounding me in chains,

Taking my options, only death remains.

Why do you return, I hate you so much,

Leaving me broken with your deadly touch.

Outside of this bubble struggling to get in,

How about this time I allow you to win.

I beg someone please take this from me,

Just let me die or give me the key,

To unlock this door to allow me to breath,

To give me the option to stay or leave.

I run for the book to flip through the pages,

Depression, Depression this seems to take ages.

For where is the answer for I cannot see,

The tears down my face have taken over me.

Through wet blinking eyes, it seems to say,

Be positive and strong you will find your way.

For where is the path that I need to find,

To run for my life with him behind.

I think for a moment what would it be like,

To float on water and disappear out of sight.

Why am I thinking in this negative way,

Thoughts of dying on this very dark day.

Strength leaves my body leaving me a mess,

Depression 1-love you've beat me I confess.

I've not the inner strength to send you away,

To never come back and keep you at bay.

Fear in my eyes, dark pages in my head,

I don't want to be alive I'd rather be dead.

I run for the drawer to end it with pills,

I pause for a second, it gives me the chills.

I can't let it beat me I can't let it win,

For what do I do, my heads in a spin.

I shut up the drawer, throw away the pills,

Thoughts of depression and how many it kills.

God gave me the strength to pick up the phone,

To ask for help as I'm not alone.

To fight this dark beast to send it away,

Never to come back and enter my day.

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