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People all have hidden agendas
People are a funny thing. When you talk to people, are they honest? Peoples intentions are corrupt. When somebody walks up to you and they start a conversation, you talk and they listen. However, with every word that comes out of your mouth, the corrupt people listen and try to achieve their hidden agenda. They want to know something and you might be unaware, but you are feeding it directly to them. These people with the hidden agenda just want more. More power, more knowledge, more popularity, and more gossip. These corrupt people just want to be able to have something to work with. They build off of the truth, to create a deeper more crazy story.

These corrupt people won't stop. They will actually go from victim to victim. But honestly, it is such a scary thing to think about. How can one determine an actual friend through a world of hidden agendas? Even the best of society does it. Despite who you are and what you do, you have an agenda. You have a goal that you want to accomplish or a task that you want to achieve. Whether you are in the large population that uses cynical/corrupt ways to get there, or if you are in the very small percent of the population that has no bad intentions.

People are what move the world. So does that automatically mean that corruption is what runs the world. So how can the world continue to move forward? Shouldn't the world be moving backwards then? How can a society survive when the people all around us are causing physical and psychological harm? So are you going to be someone with a hidden agenda or someone who has pure intentions at heart?
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