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*Soccer* What are the five most popular sporting events in the world? Give a brief summary of each sport and why they have such a passionate following.
According to total sport ek dot com, the most popular sports in the world include soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, athletics (track and running)
Soccer is a sport played around the world with eleven players on each team on the field. The point of the game is to get the soccer ball past the opposing players and score. This can be hard because if you don't have a team that works together really well. The ball cannot be touched by any players hands or arms, except the goalie. This game is the most watched and played around the world. It's a game of skill where the players have to know where everyone is in order to score the points needed to win the game. A fun fact about soccer is that during a normal game the players could run up to 9.5 miles. Why is there a passionate following for this game. Personally, I do not know. I have not sat through a full game but have seen clips and it seems interesting the strength the players have to have in order to get the ball down the field. Not only strength in their legs but they use their heads and the rest of their bodies as well.

Basketball is a sport played more with the hands than the feet. This game is played on a court with 10 foot goals and a spherical ball. The players have to be able to work together well in order to win the game. Each team tries to get the ball from their opponent and score in their own hoop. This game has the players dribbling the ball beside them, through their legs, using their peripheral vision to pass the ball to another player while looking in another place. Also being able to dunk the ball seems to be something that everyone tries to accomplish. Being able to have the strength to jump almost ten feet in the air is not impossible just takes practice. Most basketball players have started out playing most of their childhood and moved into adult hood if encouraged enough and talented enough. 

Cricket was the third sport to be listed as most popular in the world. This game like soccer has eleven players on a long field. The difference is that cricket has bats and balls the players hit to try and score goals. This game seems like a generic baseball game. In my research for this project, I found that the description of how this game is played is confusing.  As one team bats, the other team fields. Cricket is more popular in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. The popularity of this game is growing slowly, this author does not understand the point of the game, nor how it is played.

Tennis is a game of two people who are at opposite ends of a court with a net in between them. These two people have rackets and hit  a small ball between them trying to get the ball past the other player, or  get the ball to bounce without it being hit back. This game takes strategy and strength as the ball is usually nonstop for a long period of time until someone makes a mistake. Tennis is played all over the world and enjoyed by many. The players have to have the mental and physical strength to run and stop short if need be.

Athletics was last on this list of world renown sports that are watched. Athletics, according to this website, covers mostly things that happen on a track and field sports. This sport is one of the most watched because it's normally a part of the Olympic Games. Athletes train all year for a shot at the track in an Olympic game. To be able to support your country, in this sport is a proud moment. Even if your country did not win at least you were represented.


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*Soccer*  You're a local sportswriter and your latest assignment involves covering the trials and tribulations of a local sports team. Write an article - no longer than 1,000 words and no higher than 18+ rating - chronicling this team as they head into the final game of the season.
The regular season is complete and the team has earned their way into the district playoffs. Their first game began with a win against a long time winning team. The  Wewoka Tigers were not expected to win against the Knights but pulled off and upsetting defeat. The Tigers next game was at home against the Holdenville Wolverines, a team they conquered during their regular season play. This time the Wolverines were ready for the Tigers and beat them 27 to 21. Both teams defense and offense held together well during this game. Their third games was against the Seminole Chieftains where the Tigers traveled a short distance to hold on to the place in the playoffs.
Finally their fourth game was against Heartshorne Owls. The Tigers travel again to try and defeat this team in order to advance into the playoffs for the title of state champions. If the Tigers are defeated their football season is at an end for this school year. Good luck to you Tigers tonight as you travel and play a great game.

*Baseball* Were you (or are you) active in any sports? If so, write a blog entry about it.
"Piece of my History

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