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by Temmi
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Dark · #2102402
Ok at this point I am really having a lot of fun with this story! Get ready!
And so it went on. Day after day, week after week, the same thing happened over and over again. Everyday right after he woke up, the guards came into his room with the gas, knocking him out. What appeared to be at least a few hours later, he woke up again in his cell once again. Until something changed. Normally once the guards knock him out he starts to just have a super long dream, then he wakes up. But this time, while dreaming for a little while, the voice returned. It manifested itself into the dream, creating havoc, burning down the very walls of the dream world. Then for a short little while, he woke up. He started to walk around, and saw the creepy scientist man doing tests on....wait, is that...him? Arthur stood over his body, unconscious and looking much skinnier than last he looked in a mirror. He stood staring, dumbfounded, wondering what was happening.. Then the voice returned, but this time he saw something else with it. Once it spoke, another boy had appeared. Arthur thought "Wait, wasn't that the other boy? The one that they brought with me?" And so it was! And for the first time in his life, he saw the boy speak. "Look, I don't know what is going on here, and frankly, I don't really care. But I have come to realize that I will require your.......abilities.... to escape this never ending nightmare.But the question is: Are you going to help me or what?" Arthur still stood motionless in the room, now even more confused than before. And once he decided an answer, he was interrupted by the boy again "Wait, hold on. Before you answer, I can tell by your expression that you are very confused, so I'll tell you what I have heard. You see, this isn't the first time I've left that body. What we are doing is called "Soul Shifting" where you disconnect you soul from your body and are able to move around freely even though your actual body is elsewhere. As to how we can do this, I am not quite sure. All I am ever able to pick of from the scientist here, I don't really understand. All I really do get is he keeps saying something about "their fathers" and "Good and evil" but I don't quite comprehend anything else. Oh yeah, and I found this thing." He starts to run away from the doctor and out of the room, right through the door! Arthur questioned how that was possible, and He replied "Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. While we are Soul Shifting, ghost rules apply, so you can walk through walls and stuff like that. But we can only go so far away from our actual body. Now come on!" Arthur proceeded to follow Him through the door and down a long passageway. At the end stood an ancient looking door, covered in moss and other nasty stuff. We then entered through that door, and inside was a dark cavern, with excavation equipment all around, and in the center, stood a pedestal with possibly the oldest looking book on it I had ever seen. He opened the book, and inside it was words, but words in a language that didn't even slightly resemble any he had ever seen, dead or otherwise. He spoke again "I know, I thought it was really weird when I first came in here too! Then I opened up the book. I had never seen anything like it either. But then something popped up in my memories, I don't know how, but I am somehow able to read it. It turns out it just repeats the same phrase over and over again. "2 children shall arrive, one of light, one of fire, shall bring balance to the cosmos, but shall destroy all or destroy the other, in the final battle for control of the cosmos" Sounds kinda cheesy doesn't it. I have no idea what the heck it means, but I just thought you might. Any clues?" Arthur just kind of stood and shrugged, and stood there. He replied "Oh well, what are you gonna do? We have to go back to our body anyway before that creepy dude catches on to us. We were about to exit through the door, when all of a sudden, that weird guy returned, the same as before, a big fiery portal appearing in the room. He quickly snatched the book and then flew back through the portal, and it vanished again. Arthur and Him locked eyes, both shining with confusion. Then they heard an alarm not too far away. He said to Arthur "Quickly , let's get to our body before they get here!!" And so they left the room, alarms blaring behind them.
© Copyright 2016 Temmi (ghostrider077 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2102402