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Veterans: Honored people, who gave life, all or part, for country and for family. Thanks.
"See! Bombs! Run!
"Now, for they are coming down!"
"Where? Safe? Go?
"They surround us everywhere!"

"Cave! There! In!
"It is now our safest place!"
"Bombs! Burst! Near!
"It could be our final rest!"

"One final blast outside the cave
and Sarge was gone from sight,
"But all inside he thus did save
as tough as he was bright!"

"Alive I tell the world the truth
of war's cold clammy hands,
"My friends, some gone, but none have youth,
though all have taken stands."

"If I had died, that they might live,
no question, that I'd do,
"The greatest effort soldiers give
to keep home safe for you."

The tears were streaming down my face,
I listened to the man,
To give one's life in wondrous grace,
to lay down ev'ry plan,

To have someone to take my place,
that I could daily stand,
The words don't come, the speech erase,
such Honor in each hand.

They breathed the acrid stench of fire,
they heard the whistling bombs,
In musty grave or lifted pyre,
they laid with least aplumb
Unmoving buddy's last attired
as lately did succumb.

They wear their uniform each year,
rememb'ring life they gave,
And buddies in their fullest gear,
who have naught else but grave.

The bittersweet of loss and gain,
all push out through the eyes,
They live their lives with this refrain
as hearts reach toward the skies,

"Some gave all, but all gave some!"

Line Count: 43

by Jay O'Toole
on November 11, 2016

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