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by Espero
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The land of writing.com from the air
Don't worry about it you will be fine.” This from Choconut, my Go Purple Teammate.

“OK, if you say so.” I replied.

We were getting ready to go on a hot air balloon ride over Writing.com and I was afraid of heights. Gingerly I stepped into the basket and held my breath. With the whisper of a whoosh, the basket started to rise from the ground and I closed my eyes.

“Hey,” Coconut shouted from her basket, “open your eyes, you're going to miss everything.”

I raised my hand in a salute that I heard her, then slowly opened one eye and then the other. We were over the tops of the trees and gliding along so slowly and quietly that I actually started to enjoy it. I looked down and saw a clearing in the grove of trees where multiple tables had been placed. Everyone was waving as we went by and I realized that it was The Newbies having a picnic.

A slight breeze had come up and pieces of paper were floating by. I saw them coming out of a large container marked “Shameless Plug Bin” in the center of town. “That's good, the townspeople will all get a taste of these talented writers,” I thought. “Nothing wrong with that.”

I noticed Choconut frantically pointing toward the ground and I saw Hercules, arms raised, holding up a sign that said, 'Tween Herds 'n Words'. I laughed, he was promoting DR Smith's poem; one of the funniest I've read. I shouted, “Go Hercules.”

We passed a parade on one of the streets with floats all highlighting many of the great books from the Rising Star Book Club. Children and adults were running behind as books were being passed out.

I looked ahead and saw a large white cloud. It seemed to be raining, but no! Lornda, SW Sophie, Gabriella, Hannah, Halloweenie and Bianca were all throwing out GP's, Awardicons and Merit Badges. I waved and they blew some GP's my way. I thought, “they must get tired of lending helping hands all day long, it's good they get to ride a cloud for a while.”

In the distance we could see a fireworks display and I was alarmed that we may be heading straight into it. At we approached, Rising Stars slowly rose from the ground and circled round our balloons. Each star started raining and I realized we were having a Stardust Raffle.

Suddenly we heard thunder and a flash of lightening streaked across the sky. I lowered myself and peeked over the edge of the basket. “Don't worry,” the basket tender said, “it's just Flash Fiction making an appearance, but we will be landing right over there in a few minutes.”

Waiting to greet us as we landed were all the graduates of the New Horizons Academy and they invited us to join them in the Cafe and Gallery.

I was happy to have my feet back on the ground. After all, there wasn't much time for flying around the countryside, there was too much work and fun right here on Writing.con.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2102445