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This is a review of a portable grill produced by Napoleon.
The freedom to grill your favorite food anywhere this holiday season is possible with the blue TQ285X-BL portable propane grill from Napoleon. The grill comes attached on a cart with wheels. These wheels are practically capable of rolling easily over anything in most terrain.
Napoleon is a company famous for producing quality products which they combine with honest and reliable service to their customers. Napoleon's innovative technology has seen them produce some of America's state-of-the-art luxurious Gas Grills.

The portable TQ285X-BL grill is one of Napoleon's prestigious award winning products. It won the 2014 Vesta in the division of gas barbecue and the Top Ten Best Value Grill from AmazingRibs.com.
The grill comes attached to a scissor cart that has spacious shelves to the side for support. It can also hold towels and other tools needed for grilling on the go.
The two-burner portable grill is powered by propane which is contained in a detachable 1.2 Pounds tank. This tank provides 12,000 BTU's of power. In case you need a more permanent grill, the optional conversion hose can be connected to a full sized tank of propane.
The whole kit costs $299 including free shipping from Amazon and is sold by Wayfair. The grill comes with a 10-year warranty.

Dimensions and Size
The TQ285X-BL grill measures 285 square inches
of area for grilling. This is enough to hold a total of 20 hamburgers in one go.
The scissor stands a little over 1 meter above the ground making it easy to do your grilling while standing on sitting on a raised seat.
Colour and Texture
The TQ285X-BL is blue in color with porcelainized cast iron grids for cooking. The superior windproof design holds the heat in for the entire time of grilling.

How To Use
The TQ285X-BL Portable Grill is very easy to use. In order to set it up, Let it lie flat on the ground. Then, on the handle side, step on the outer handle as you pull up the inner handle to open up the scissor cart.

Pull it upwards until it clicks into place. The grill is now set up ready. Pull on the latch on the side of the grill to open the blue cover. This will expose the grilling surface.

Attach the propane cylinder by screwing it in place. The ignitors are independent of each other to provide the user with freedom to either use either burner. The ignitors use the jet fire ignition system and burn with a deep blue flame.
Customer Reviews:

A total of 11 verified purchasers have reviewed this product on Amazon.

The reviews stand at 3.7/5 stars representing a score of 74% approval rate. The majority of satisfied users cited the following:

1. It takes up very little space
2. The price is attractive
3. The temperature rises fast
4. Very convenient and easy to use
5. The independent adjustable ignitions make it easy to cook different meals at the same time.
6. Makes grilling clean and safe

64% of verified users give it a 5-star rating while 18% of the users expressed disappointment by rating with a single star.

The users who gave low rates cited the following:

1. You need a rubber hammer to assemble the product
2. Some parts do not work
3. The wheels keep sliding while grilling
4. The wheels need to be fully assembled but not indicated on the manual from manufacturer

Majority of users endorse this product. Based on the positive reviews, I give this product a 4/5 star rating and would recommend it this holiday season.

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