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A brief story involving characters from Squished in Highschool.
I wanted to create a story for a long time. So this is my first attempt, using characters from the interactive story Squished in Highschool, which I add a lot to and would recommend you to do the same. I hope you enjoy my first story.

A Tiny Day at the Beach

Natalie had kept me as her Boytoy for sometime now. She treats me right and uses me for herself when she wants. I've only be punished a few times....and those few times were really enjoyable! But today was a normal day, Natalie had smuggled me into the beach inside her purse for a relaxing day.

She walked into the changing room and began to change into her bikini. I couldn't help but take a quick peak of the edge of her purse. Her beautiful ass jiggled as she pulled her bottom up; her breasts also bounced freely, the sight of these turning me on. I dropped back into the purse to avoid being spotted

Just as I was about to start taking care of myself, I begin to tumble around inside the bag. Natalie's gorgeous face filled the opening as her hand began to dig around for something. Her eyes finally locked onto me, she smiled and whispered down to me "You'll do." Natalie grabbed me out of her purse and started to stretch me in different directions, pulling and molding me with her hands.

Natalie had somehow lost the padding that went into her right cup of her bikini top, and she was making me its replacement. She then pulled back her top and stuck me to the cup. Letting go, the elastic snapped back into place, crushing me between her breast and the tight bikini top. Her breast was all around me, and her hard nipple was poking right into my face. I could do nothing as Natalie left the changing rooms, making me lightly bounce with her boobs with each step.

Natalie went to the beach to meet up with some friends of ours, Cody, Althea, Jeff, Rebeca, and Katie. They wanted to hang out so they could play a few games of volleyball. With everyone ready, they decided to race over to the courts. Natalie's breasts bounced up and down as I moved with them. Crushed against her breast, it's almost like I was a part of it. Moving up and down so freely and loose. They finally reached the court, exhausted from running but ready to play. Over the muffled sounds from being a bikini padding, I heard the teams were Cody, Rebeca, and Katie against Althea, Jeff, and Natalie

Natalie prepared for the first game to start. She stretched her body out to get ready to move. Meanwhile, my body was trying to reform inside Natalie's bra cup. Before I got anywhere, Natalie cupped her breasts and flattened me back against her cup. The game started, and the ball was served over to Natalie. She bounces it back, causing her breasts to bounce a tiny bit. I thought I was going to be stuck as Natalie's cup for the whole day. Boy was I wrong, what came next was a circus of squishing and stretching.

The ball was spiked over and Natalie dove to save it. I was crushed and dragged under Natalie's body. Her top though, had filled up with sand. Covering me in it as well, as the ball hit the court on the other side. Natalie stood up, her top full of sand and opened up the bottom so it would all fall out. Her head must have been in the game, as she completely forgot I was in her cup as well. I gently floated down next to Natalie. The sand was nice and warm, and the sun was shinning down on me. Until a shadow loomed over my body.

Looking up, I saw Althea's foot come crashing down on top of my body. Althea came over to give Natalie a high five, put little did she know that she just squished me to her foot. The sudden weight flattened me out and made me stick to her foot. "Keep it up Natalie," she said as she walked back to her spot. I was crushed under every step, pressed deep into the sand and held under her weight. Althea shifted back and forth as she waited for the serve. The game resumed and I was given brief glimpses of the game as Althea moved around. Crushed under her step as she moved around, her weight shifting on top of me, the sand sticking to me and her foot as well.

A few bounces later, Katie set up a shot so the ball ended up a few feet in front of Althea. See ran forward, and in this process, kicking me off her foot and sending me backwards in the court. I was now next to my friend Jeff. The ball was rolled over to Jeff so he could serve, before I could even think about moving though, he bounced the ball down, crushing me against it as he served it over the net.

I was hit back and forth over and over again. Hands coming into view and smacking my body, forming around it before sailing back to the other side. This continued on for some time, both sides were in the zone and kept the match going. Eventually, I was sent over to Cody, who's hits were very strong. Fortunately I was not facing him, but I was facing Natalie who was readying herself for Cody to send it over to her. The ball flew forward and I was met with Natalie's hands, sending the ball , and me, flying up and across the net.

Natalie's hit was so strong, that it knocked me loose off the ball, and I went sailing into the other teams court. Collecting myself, I started to reform back into my normal shape. It was at this moment I saw the giant shadow looming around me. I turned around just in time to see Rebeca's butt crash down on top of me. Her butt eclipsing the light before flattening me. Rebeca had missed blocking a shot by jumping, and because she wasn't the most athletic person, she fell backwards onto her butt, and me.

Rebeca stood up and brushed her hand over her butt, cleaning the sand off and rubbing me deeper into her skin. As she moved back into her spot, I jiggled along with her butt, unable to see anything after being crushed face first into her butt. The game started again, and Rebeca was determined to score, moving around her area and jumping up to hit the balls, even if she kept missing. I jiggled frantically with her butt, bouncing all over the place as Rebeca desperately tried to score.

Finally, the ball came straight for Rebeca, and she bumped it over and scored! She couldn't keep her excitement in, and started jumping for joy, her ass doing the same. I was thrown up and down along with her as she celebrated. Katie, who was also happy for her, came over and gave her teammate a friendly, congratulatory slap on the ass. Katie's hand made Rebeca's flesh jiggle and create a huge wave. But as her hand retracted, I was taken with it.

I was now stuck upside down on Katie's hand.

Ending 1 (fake ending): The point Rebeca scored was enough to win the game. Everyone came to the center and gave high fives, my body getting slapped by each person as the congratulated each other. After a long game, everyone decided to just relax and tan. Still stuck to Katie's hand, I watched Natalie walked to a blanket and offered Katie some tanning lotion. Katie took a large glob and squirted it onto my body in her hand. I quickly blended in with her skin color as she rubbed the lotion, and me, all over her body. I soon learned I was hidden away, when Katie looked right at her hands and didn't even react to me. She laid down to begin tanning, settling down and letting the sun do its work. I could feel the heat opening her pores, each one grabbing my body and pulling me inside. After a while, Katie had unknowingly baked me into her hand. Katie woke up later, satisfied with her tan, and waved everyone goodbye as she left for home. Taking me in tow. I stayed as Katie's secret hand tattoo for a day, before Natalie came and they both realized what had happened. I was saved and brought back to my loving giantess.

Ending 2 (fake ending): I watched Natalie walk over to a blanket, and she asked "Hey Katie, can you help me put on some tanning lotion?" "Sure!" Katie squeezed a big glob of tanning lotion into her hand, and my body, and started to rub her hands deep into Natalie's beautiful body. Being dragged over every inch of her, before slipping off Katie's hand and onto Natalie's butt. The lotion began to open up Natalie's pores as she laid in the sun. Each one pulling me deep into her skin, making me a part of her ass as her little tattoo. After laying in the sun for some time, Natalie went into the changing room. As she began to change, she spotted me on her ass. "Well, it looks like my little boytoy got caught under my glorious butt. It looks like you're pretty stuck. I guess you'll have to be my little ass tattoo for the rest of the summer then." Natalie slapped her ass and pulled up her tight shorts, leaving me to juggle with her ass for the summer.

Ending 3 (True ending): Each team needed one more point to win, still stuck to Katie's hand, it was her turn to serve. She tossed the ball into the air, and I was slapped into the ball, getting stuck to it in the process. I was sent flying straight towards Natalie. I watched as Natalie's breasts came flying into view, the ball smacked her right in the chest, causing the ball to fly back over the net and touch the ground, winning the game; and for me to be on Natalie's breast. As she jumped up and down for her miracle win, I slide back down into her bikini top, getting flattened by the elastic. Natalie went about the rest of the afternoon relaxing. When she was ready to leave, she pulled me out of her top "I hope my little boytoy enjoyed being my bikini padding. Maybe next time I'll have to stick you to the ball as we play." I could only laugh as Natalie gave me a kiss and we headed home. Another exhausting day.
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