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A Writing Cramp entry
 One heck of a rock!  (E)
A Writing Cramp entry
#2102626 by Chris Breva-@Regent University

I read recently of a diamond floating around in space that makes the Hope Diamond look like a grain of sand sitting next to a boulder! The diamond, whose name escapes me, weighs hundreds of billions of karats. I have friend who operates a jewelry repair shop. When I read of this magnificent diamond I thought of my friend and the following story came to mind.

John was anxiously awaiting the arrival of a space rock. This was no ordinary space rock however. It was the largest known diamond in the galaxy! It weighed hundreds of billions of karats. In fact it was so heavy that man really didn't have the technology to weigh it. Instead it had to be weighed using scientific calculations and estimates.
John's task was a very special one. He had been selected to cut the huge diamond and fashion it into a magnifier for the world's most powerful laser beam. The laser beam would be so powerful in fact that it could smash entire planets, which is what it was intended to do. Earth had recently gone to war with a race of reptilian beings known by humans as snake people. An invasion of the Snake People's home world of Jaron was imminent. The powers that be knew that such an invasion would cost countless billions of lives and and even more staggering amount financially. Therefore the plan was to destroy Jaron and its inhabitants using the newly designed Harrion Laser, a laser so powerful it could travel millions of parsecs through space and smash large planets asunder.
John and his team worked meticulously to cut the diamond and while they were behind schedule upon completion, accomplished the task. The diamond was hoisted by crane and placed into the laser. The whole world watched in awe as the firing team counted down. At last the moment arrived and a beam of extremely focused light emitted from the laser and shot into space. The whole world awaited as the observers watched.
"Target totally destroyed" the commander reported to erupting cheers.
The only person not joining in the cheers was John. He was grappling with the fact that he had just aided the destruction of an entire planet and an entire race of sentient beings.
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