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Cassandra is sent to the inside to complete a vital task. Will she make it out alive?
Chapter One

The buzz of her pager was the only thing she needed to hear. She headed straight for the meeting lounge, only stopping to go over the required routine to enter,

"I'm Cassandra Folger, Agent 015. I was paged here," she explained before entering. Her eyes immediately met Tom, the leader of the agency that had grew when the apocalypse started, the Outsiders.

"What is it? You only page when it's urgent," she took a seat next to her fellow agents and waited.

Tom looked at her with a sad look, "they tore through a part of the fence. Thankfully, we were able to fix it, but this cannot go unpunished."

The Outsiders agency was originally brought together to determine and keep the weekly provision schedule to the Inside, where people still lived among the monsters of the apocalypse. However, after a few years, the provisions stopped. Unaware of the stop in provisions, the agents had formed an alliance against the Insiders,

"We've worked out a plan to send somebody in," Tom stated,

the room fell into a deep silence until; "Nobody has ever survived a mission to the inside. What makes you think we can manage this time?"

The agent was correct; it would be a very hard task, but no doubt an honorable one. To be willing to lose your life to support and help others would not go unnoticed, especially in the world they now lived in. Cass nodded,
if Tom thinks it's for the best then it must be. An honorable task as well, she thought.

"I'm well aware of that, but stick with me. We're going to try approaching this from a different angle. Cassandra, the committee and I have elected you the most fit for this task."

Cass' head shot up, her eyes wide, "What?!" all thought of honor left her.

The room fell silent again, as if her fellow agents were already mourning her death.

"This meeting is adjourned. Cassandra, I'd like you to stay behind, I have a lot to explain to you." Tom announced.

The apocalypse had changed people, some for the better and others the worse. Tom's thoughts were not set on the safety of the quarantine, but the extermination of Cassandra. A few years prior, the same problem had occurred, whereas Tom sent in Hank, Cass' father and his own brother on the same mission. The new world had made him power hungry. He was aware that Hank was quickly becoming his superior, and would soon be in control of the agency. He had dealt with his problem, but now saw the same personality in Cassandra.
Best get her out now, he thought.

Cass sat as he gestured to her, and tried to keep a calm appearance. However, her tries left the second he sat down,

"Me! Why me, of all people? I'm 14 for god's sake!" she exclaimed,

Tom, however, kept a calm tone, "You're hardworking, fast and flexible, Cassandra. This agency is dying out and you have the best chance of survival. Not only are you agile, but you're a quick thinker and your age makes you more trustable." Cass noted that he made very good points, but she still wasn't convinced.

Tom's calm look turned to a guilty as Cass spoke, "what would my dad say about this? Mind my language, but he worked like hell to get me into this agency. We both know that if I go in there, I won't be coming back. How can you do that? Especially after my dad, I can't believe you would even think of choosing me. How is my mom going to feel? This mission is what took my father away from me, and now you expect me to do the same thing? As if,"

Tom quickly shook his guilt away, "your father would be disappointed in you. I'm disappointed in you! Where is your honor?" his voice grew louder, "Hank was extremely honored to be picked for that mission, and I expected you to be as well. You have to understand that Hank was my brother, and it hurt me to send him there, and it hurts even
more to send you. Please understand that this isn't for me, it's for the safety of the quarantine."

Cass sighed, she knew it was the right thing to do, "you're right. I'm so sorry. I am honored, but it's a suicide mission, Uncle Tom. I'm not sorry for being scared."

Tom nodded, and gestured for her to leave, "you leave tomorrow. I'll be by your room to give you more information later. I am very sorry, Cassandra."

She nodded, and returned to her room.


"Yes, Mom, I have everything I need," Cass answered her mother for the third time.

"I know, I'm just worried, you can't expect me to be okay with this, Cassie,"

Cass looked up at her mother, giving her an assuring smile, "Don't be. I will come back, I promise. I won't end up like -," she paused, "I won't end up like dad."

Her mother gave a sad smile as the memories of her husband flashed through her mind. As sad about his death as she was, she knew it had been an honorable one. She hated that Cass would now be on the same journey as he was, but all she could do was hope that she would make it.

"I have faith in you, Cassie. I know your father trained you well. I'll miss you, so much," she held Cass closely.

"I won't let you down."


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