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He survived. I'm thankful.
Thoughts wander back to the story you told me
When you pressed the barrel to your head
Thinking that there was no other choice
But to pull the trigger
And have everything end.
I thought about what would happen
If I never met you
If you never met me
And how you feel about that hunk of metal
Being knocked out of your hands.
I’ll tell you what
I’m glad she did that
Pushed you down
Held you down
Until unconsciousness came over you.
If she didn’t
We wouldn’t be here
Making the plans that we are
Every “I love you”
Wouldn’t have existed.
Every thought of you
Would never have been
If she didn’t stop you
From erasing yourself
Next time you see her, my love
Tell her I thank her
For saving you.
Saving my everything
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