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by Temmi
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Oops! I actually forgot to write the second chapter! Sorry about that! Here you go!
They were both accepted with open arms into the orphanage. They were fed, given toys, changed when needed, and both given cribs to sleep in. But to the confusion of the mistresses, every time a New Moon came, the area around His crib was scorched, but nothing ever took aflame, and likewise at every Full Moon, the area was repaired, like it was never there. This was just the beginning of a very odd series of events, many of much stranger than this yet to come. At the age of 6, both the children began their schooling. Like any other child, they started out in preschool, drawing pictures, eating snacks, and taking naps. Not much really happened. Then their formal schooling began. Kindergarten started, and for the first time ever, the two children were given knowledge of how things worked. Then even more started to develop. Firstly, one of the fundamental things they were taught was that of religion, more specifically, the one "true" religion, that of the Holy Church; Christianity. Arthur immediately took a large liking to the whole concept, while He would not even speak the name "God" (although he never said any other words either). But he would refuse to participate in the church hymns, did not participate in the prayers, he would not even touch a bible. The one time he did, he grew a large burn wherever it had touched him, and same went for the book, as it turned to cinder upon his touch. A few more years went by, and eventually, Arthur and Him grew up. By the age of 10, Arthur had turned into the perfect student. He was at the top of the school, a squeaky-clean record, and had just won the school award for "Most likely to succeed for his 3rd year in a row. Meanwhile, people nearly had forgotten that He existed at all. He now resided in a small attic room, which the nurses re-purposed into a "room for his own" which to any normal person meant a prison cell, and it practically was one. It was very small, placed directly above the main entrance. It consisted of 4 walls, a door will a small slit for a food tray, and a vent, which coincidentally connected to every vent in the building, allowing Him to hear every little dirty secret and conversation ever had under that roof. And at the far wall, opposite to the door, sat a very small barred window, his only access to the outside world. The bars were made out of an extremely rare Hardened Dragonglass, blocking any and all sunlight, or any light in general, from leaking through. As so, he was kept in perpetual darkness, but he never seemed to mind, (He never complained about it anyway) but rather enjoyed it. And so He was forgotten, save the one poor nurse who was sent up everyday to give him food. Except for one orphan, who never said a word, never showed his face, only occasionally dropped a piece of candy or two through the slip, and the next days, empty wrappers were found outside the door.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2102798