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Recurring dreams and do we connect with others not of our time and space?
         When I was a child, somewhere around the age of nine or ten, I began to have a recurring dream about a witch. She wasn't just any witch though, she had a strange kind of hat or almost a crown on her head. She had what appeared to be flowing robes, but I really wouldn't have known if they draped because I never saw her feet.

You see in my dreams, some people have called them night terrors, the witch was chasing me. Now I grew up in the Midwest and it was common back then for us to play in the woods, we didn't have computers back then. So it was nothing for me to have a dream about myself and friends climbing trees or in a fort in the woods.

This dream was different, it usually began with my being alone in the woods, and it was dark. I could smell something, I don't know what the smell was, but the stench was fowl, then I knew she was coming. I would run and run with the witch behind me, sometimes I could feel her breath on my neck. Why she never grabbed me then, I will never know. But I would gain a little on her and eventually came across a cabin in the woods. The funny thing is, the cabin was all lit up. But she was so scary that I ran right in every time and slammed the door in her face as she was reaching for me, waking up instantly. Now I had this dream for many, many years. I was married and still having this dream, I used to wake up sweating and screaming at that face.

In the 1980s and in my mid-twenties, we had to relocate and move to the East Coast. I continued having the dreams on occasion but they began to get further and further apart. I also noticed they were much less intense than they had been previously. One day after I had moved to the city, I realized they had stopped. It's been many years since I came here, and I have never had any incidents or thought about this dream except once.

I was watching television alone one evening and as I always do, I was watching one of the documentary channels. This one was on a local legend and some teenagers, I had never heard the story prior to this or the legend. So I watched the program, and a drawing flashed on the screen, I thought I was going to die, right there alone in my house. This program had shown a drawing of my witch. Very few people had ever heard this story, none of my friends and most of my family never even knew I had the dreams. Well I was packed the next day and ready to go to the woods where the legend came from, (which is not far from where I live) and the kids vanished, played a prank, whatever. Cooler heads prevailed and talked me out of it, but I was very upset. I did not want anything to do with that witch again, except perhaps to confront her and get this over with.

As it turns out, about two sleepless weeks later, a movie came out called "Blair Witch Project", which was the dumbest movie I have ever seen. The documentary I had seen, was done to drum up support for the movie and promoted as a documentary on a local legend that has quite a past. Most of the story wasn't true which really began to bother me because of that drawing.

However, the legend is real, as is the drawing. A young girl drew it many years ago, in a vision she had of the Bell witch.

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