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A girl of thirteen has her first date. It's about to be ruined thanks to her parents.
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I just want to dance the night away.

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An Awkward First Date

     Callie finished putting on her other shoe. Then she got off her bed and walked over to the full-length mirror next to her vanity. She adjusted her almost knee length red dress and the blue double bow belt so the bows fit just above her developing hips.

     The cell phone on the vanity began buzzing. Callie picked it up and looked at it. She clicked to read her text and read it to herself. Running a little late. Should be there in a little bit. Mitch.

     Before Callie could respond another message popped up. Sorry about the last message. Wanted to text our way, but my parents insisted I do it properly. I know I’m doing it with this message too. See you soon. Mitch.

     Callie smiled before she put down her cell phone. She sat down at her vanity and started putting on make-up. A few minutes later she picked up her cell phone again. Callie tapped the music icon. She got up and started dancing to the music in front of her full-length mirror.

     Twisting and turning several times Callie saw how her dress moved and her make-up didn’t. Callie smiled. “I just want to dance the night away. Yes, I know the school dance is only three hours long but why does the dancing have to end there.”

     “There are several teen dance clubs in town. Now that I am a teenager too I can go to them.” Callie continued dancing to the music playing in the background while she spoke out loud to herself. “I just hope my dad lets me do it.”


     After the latest song ended Callie tapped the icon to turn it off. Callie turned off her cell phone too. “I still don’t know why I have to turn my cell phone off. Yes, I know I have to at school, even during a dance, but why now. Fathers.” Carrie shook her head sadly as she put her cell phone into her purse before walking out of her bedroom.

     A few minutes later Callie walked down the stair of the house she lived in. At the bottom of those stairs stood her well-dressed suit and tie father. As Callie reached the bottom of those stairs he took her arm and escorted her into the living room.

     “Dad, this is so stupid. Why are you doing this? It’s so embarrassing.”

     “This is your first date. Sorry, I’m so overprotective of our only child.”

     “You have always been like that. It’s because I am a girl, isn’t it?” Callie suddenly stopped.

     Standing in front of Callie and Gregory stood Victoria also dressed up in a light blue dress, white gloves, and white high heels. She had a camera hanging around her neck. “What’s going on, mom.”

     “Since this is your first date we wanted to get some pictures. First with the two of us then with your date.”

     “I’m already nervous about this dance. Now you are going to make it even worse. Is that why you got dressed up? So that you could take a few pictures.”

     “We didn’t get dressed up because of just the pictures,” said Gregory. “We’re also going to the dance.”

     Callie glared at her father then back at her mother in shock. “You can’t do that. It’s bad enough the teachers are going to be there. Now you’re saying you are going to be at there too.”

     “This isn’t just your first date,” said Victoria. “It’s also your first dance. When they asked the parents to help out we volunteered.”

     “There has been a lot of problems the last few years at these dances,” said Gregory. “Drinking, drugs, and even sex. We just want you to be safe.”

     “We know how much peer pressure there is to try all three at you age, we don’t want to take any chances.” Victoria put her arm around Callie as Gregory takes another picture.

     Callie pulled away from her mother. “You have just ruined my first date. I was just nervous about it. Now it’s an awkward one.” Callie started storming out of that room.

     “Wait, Callie. Your date hasn’t been ruined,” said Gregory.

     “No one but you will know that we are there,” said Victoria. “We aren’t going to the dance itself, just the school. We’re going to be patrolling outside the dance where the students might be going to do those things.”

     Suddenly Callie stopped. She turned to glare at her mother and father. “Then why did you get dressed up like you were going to it?”

     “Of course, we did it for the pictures,” said Gregory. “We also did it because we are taking you and your date to the dance.”

     “That’s if you are still going,” Victoria said just before looking out the window. “You had better decide quick. A car just pulled up. I think your date is here.”

     Callie looked out the window too. She saw Mitch getting out of that car tugging on the collar of his suit as he walked up to the front door. “I’ll do it under three conditions. One, you let Mitch’s father take us to and from the dance. Two, you park our car several blocks away from it. Three, if you do catch anyone doing something wrong you won’t confront them yourselves.”

     “Tell the principal or teachers. That’s why they are there. I don’t want to be the kid whose parents caught them.”

     “I just thought of one more thing. Four, you have to let me go to one of the teen clubs after the dance.”

     A few minutes later Callie opened the door to Mitch. “Sorry about the suit and tie. My parents made me do it.”

     Mitch’s eyes bugged out when he saw Callie’s parents. “Don’t worry about them. They decided to go out this evening too. It’s a sudden decision. Can your father takes us and pick us up after we go to a teen club?”

Word Count = 990

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