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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Mystery · #2103163
short story chapter by chapter
Chapter 1

I was sitting at my desk going over some of my last case's paperwork, when she walked in. She sat down quietly and did not say a word. I returned the silence just staring at her wondering how she got in and why she was at my desk. “Yes, how can I help you,” I said.
“I need you to help me. My brother is missing, he never runs away. He is happy. I think something is wrong. Can you help.” The woman was beautiful and I could not help but look at her supple cleavage, since she wore a low cut white blouse. She had brown hair and beautiful blue eyes that changed shades of blue in the light.
“I am sorry but you will have to call the police, I cannot help you right now.” I said without out conviction.
She must have sensed it because she continued, seemingly not to hear me. “I will pay you two thousand dollars to do this discretely and find out what happened to my little brother.” She got up and walked around the desk and bent low to my ear. “I need to know what happened.”
“Alright I will do it. But you have to promise me one thing.”
“Like what?”
“Stay out of my way,” I said, this time with conviction. I wiped my hair out of my gray eyes. I got up and saw her out of my office. “I need as much information as you can get about him. His hospital information and anything that tells me about his personality, its important that I know as much as possible about him. Is he married and whatnot.
“Okay, I can do that.” She concluded and walked away. I watched as she left the office. Alright all I got to do is find out where he is, shouldn't be too hard, he thought.
The day was uneventful. The next day, the woman came in with all the information that I had requested. She told me that he hangs out at the gym and sometimes at the library. I took it upon myself to go over to the gym to see if maybe someone knew where he could be.
I showed the owner a recent picture of the brother. “Have you seen him lately?” I asked.
“He hasn't been here for three days. He usually comes here every other day, so he has been off schedule. It screws up his routine if he doesn't come in like this.
“Do you work with him or does he have a different partner for his workouts?”
“He works with me. He's never late for a workout.”
“Okay thanks, I said defeated, “I am going to ask around if you don't mind.”
“Knock yourself out.” He shot back.
No one seemed to know where he went, so I went to the library and asked around, still no luck.
I went back to the office and sat down at my desk. I jotted down most of what the guys at the gym had told me. I wondered what could have happened to the man. I decided I would talk to the sister about him and see if she could give me anymore information. That was when the phone rang. “I have Sarah's brother, he is safe for now.” The voice on the other side of the phone said. “I want two million dollars or I will kill him.”
“Wait a second, I don't think you want to do this.”
“Don't give me that crap,” he yelled, I do want to do this, now you have two days to get it from Sarah.” He hung up on me. I played the phone call over in my head and realized that the man on the other side must know Sarah personally. So I decided to call her and see if she knew who and why this person has her brother.
“I cant think of anyone that would do this, Detective Johnson.” She was talking loudly and her voice was hurting my ears.
“Calm down Sarah and just think. Think of someone, anyone that would do this. How bout an ex husband or a ex boyfriend?”
“Yeah, Brian.” She said exasperated. “But I cant see him doing something like this.”
“Are you sure?”
“Not really,” she returned, “The relationship kinda ended badly, but he doesn't the type to do something like this.” She was hysterical now. “You know what he was kinda abusive, thats why we broke up. I think he could do it, now that I think about it.”
“Alright Sarah, calm down.
“Okay. Now what?” She asked bewildered.
“I have to find your ex and bring him in and interrogate him.”
“Okay, he lives on the east end on Suffix Street.”
I took my unmarked car to Suffix Street and walked up to the door of the house that Sarah told me was his. I noticed the door was unlocked and slightly ajar, so I went in. I saw bloody footprints on the floor in the living room near the entrance, they were facing the doorway. I wandered over further into the living room to discover a dead body. I called in the coroner and observed.
I called Sarah.
“What does He look like?” I asked when she picked up.
She described him and I noticed that the man face down in a pool of blood is the guy that she described. That means that he is not the culprit right? I asked my self more questions. Who is the culprit then? Why was this man murdered? What does he have to do with all of this? Was he in on it but got killed in the process?
I decided I would answer these questions. But first I will work the grid and see what I can find for clues at this crime scene.
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