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A mini-drama of not more than 350 words for Write to Done
Hitchhiking boy

A mini-drama of not more than 350 words

Headlights approaching from the rear and the sound of a car slowing, told Ike he might have a ride.
"Where are you headed?", asked the driver.
"I don't know." replied Ike.
The driver, a clean-cut young man in his late twenties, responded with "I'm headed to Kansas City."
"That's OK", said Ike as he climbed into the car.
"Been walking long?"
"Since last night."
"Running away?"
"From what?"
"Whoa! That's a lot of running", laughed the driver.
"Let's start smaller. My name is Bill, by the way. What's yours?"
"Pleased to meet you Ike. Now tell me what is chasing you."
"My hometown makes me crazy," began Ike.
"Everyone just wants to sit there. You know - finish high school, get married, make babies, then die."
"You don't want that?"
"No. My dad wants me to work the farm or get a job in the factory, and start paying rent."
"What's wrong with that?"
"It's not for me. I want to go places, ... see things, ... meet people, ... make something bigger out of myself."
"Well, you have to feed yourself. How are you going to do that?"
By now the rising sun was shining brightly into the windshield, making the skyline of Kansas City a close-up silhouette in front of them.
"Ever thought about joining the Army?", asked Bill.
"No, why would I do that?"
"They give you food, clothing, training, and a job. And you get to see a whole lot of the world."
For the next ten miles, Bill talked about the Army. Ike listened, growing more interested with every minute.
"How do I get in the Army?", asked Ike.
"See an Army recruiter." said Bill as he parked his car at the curb on a street in downtown Kansas City.
"Where do I find one?"
"You already did," smiled Bill. "This is my office. C'mon in."
"Ike is your nickname, right? What is your full name?"
"Eisenhower. Dwight Eisenhower"
"Do you think I can make something of myself in the Army?"
"I'm sure of it," replied Bill.

Word Count: 345

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