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Thoughts about the11/8/2016 General Election. No blame. No finger pointing. My reality.
Hosea 8:7 --For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

It is Saturday morning, and I am down the mountain and back in Mount Rainier, the City I call home. I am sitting here loving my house, my family, and my community. More than anything else, it is feeling good to be home again.

A Lots has happened on my journey to the mountains. One of my friends has lost to death a family member who has been living with a kidney transplant for years. Another two are working through their lives as they live with cancer, radiation, chemo, and just staying alive. My granddaughter has become a Lyft driver, and two of the great-grandsons have been in the hospital with pneumonia and high temperatures.

The sun still rose this morning. People went on with their lives, many experiencing what I am going through, and others without a care in the world. Many are worried about what President-elect is going to do in his four years in the White House while others are so happy that he is there. BUT, no matter how I look at it, life is still just life and flowing in the plan that God has ordained. I am neither happy or scared. I am just happy and thrilled that God has allowed me to see another day.

My faith in God is so strong this morning that I know that NOTHING happens by chance. I know that there is a plan, reason, and a purpose for all things. I cannot speak for everyone, but I can speak for me. When the children of Israel cut God out of their lives, they were allowed to suffer and wonder in the desert for 40 years -- according to the Bible (or the history of the Jews as some call it).

America has cut God out! Anything goes. No values. No consequences. No repentance. No regrets We are a Godless people. This Country was founded on religious principles. This Country prospered on its religious beliefs. When I was growing up, my Mother used to tell me that we should pray before anything or action that we were planning to take because God requires it. I did not understand it then, but I do now -- it has to do with putting GOD FIRST.

My Sunday School Teacher, Ms. Helen Cromatie taught me that God should always be first, others second, and yourself last! What a lesson. Jesus first (J), Others second (O), Yourself last (Y) = JOY! There is no JOY in America because this basic principle has been forgotten.

We have been trained that enough is NEVER enough; that things will make you happy if you acquire enough of them. Love hand happiness has a price tag, and you must be willing to pay the price whatever it is. Right is what I say it is today, and tomorrow, I may change my mind. However, the Bible says "Proverbs 14:12King James Version (KJV) There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." America is marching down that path of self-righteousness -- Democrats and Republicans, and yes, Independents and the Green Party.

FOLKS, there is only one right --, and we need to get back on that path -- love thy neighbor as thyself, do good unto those who spitefully use you -- CHARITY (LOVE) begins at home and then spread abroad. Our homes are in a shamble -- that's right -- we do not even love one another in our families. Our communities are in disarray; we can't stand walking in our neighborhoods because we are afraid of the homeless. Our governments (local, state and federal) are out of control of we the people -- for the people and by the people.

WE HAVE SETTLED -- ME, MYSELF, and I rule the day, and yet we are angry and upset about this election. Why? Because we didn't have it our way? Why? Because we have or believe that we have taken a step back into the past? Why? Because America has lost it way -- you know that did not happen on November 8, 2016?

America lost it way when it started taking God out of EVERYTHING. NO VALUES. NO BOUNDARIES (and we are still trying to teach this to our children, but there are no common ground rules anymore because of me, myself, and I theory -- if it feels good to me, then it must be right so let's just do it).

AMERICA is in trouble, and Mr. Donald Trump did not do it all by himself. We each have and has had a role in where America is today. Those millennials out there, they are our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They are us (the hippies, yippies, and rebellious teens of the 60s). WE RAISED THEM.
The only question that should come to mind here is "Did we teach them character, wholesome values, and respect for all life?" Because whether we did or not they are now acting on what moves and motivate them.

The one thing that I have always loved about America is the word democracy and the smooth transition of our government. Republicans have won, and Democrats have won. Both sides have also lost, and YET America and its CITIZENS have been able to continue to work together for the GOOD of this Country. AMERICA is not perfect, but it is better in many ways than many others. IF NOT, WHY are so many from other countries willing to risk their lives to get here?
If America is so terrible, and you hate it so much why not leave? Why not go back to where ever you believe is better? IF YOU CHOOSE to stay and to live here, there are rules that we each must abide by and adhere. RIGHT is RIGHT! FAIR is FAIR! We must always fight to make sure that rules and regulations apply equally to everyone. We must make opportunities available to everyone, but each person must embrace his or her opportunity and make the best of it. (OLD SAYING -- you may lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.) However, you must make sure the water is not poisoned either. LOL

I believe that the water has been poisoned -- and now, we are all going to be forced to drink it. I believe that is the fear in America today -- the haves and the have-nots -- will reap equally. Equal is not equity. Handouts are not opportunities. A half a loaf is not sufficient when others have 50 or 100 loaves. America, if it is not too late, must readjust the melting pot, and make sure that we are all able to reap the benefits of melting in that pot!

Just my thoughts this Saturday morning as I come down out of the mountains renewed, energized, and ready to meet every new challenge that will come my way during the next year. I expect it to be awesome, but a wonderful journey.

Hope that all of you are up to the challenge and that you will NOT grow faint for it is shaping up to be one helluva ride.

Peace and blessings always.
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