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strange man entered the police box in suburb area in Tokyo
1 hour away from Tokyo, there still is nature, mountain, forest, voice of insect....you can see and hear what you can't in the city of Tokyo. at the edge of town, where so many house for middle classes was built, there is a small and tiny building. this is used as a police box by the Capital Police. A officer lean on the seat and write something on a notebook. If he were in the US, he would always chase criminal who sell drugs and go to school where crazed man open fire to the children and teachers....mass shooting. But here is Japan, one of the countries which enjoy low criminal rate has no terrorist. So, he always have to invent the way to kill time....that is difficult, because Japanese police has strict rules in offices. You can't even play games during your duty!!
"ha....nothing happen in this town."
he just murmured. He had a big ambition....becoming a detective, so he needed good evaluation from police inspector who manage officers in charge of this box. But his daily life prevent him from achieving his dream.... just watching rows of elementary school students to schools and say "good morning, be aware of cars and bicycles", chasing thief who stolen small amount of money and some property, sometimes animals which run away from their homes, they deserved fine or imprisonment for two or three year, no criminal charge. he couldn't resolve or arrest criminals who committed serious crimes. Now, he finished his paper works and just watching clocks hanged on the wall. 0:30 AM, midnights, no one work in front of the box. no lights around there, so he just watched dark.
"Nothing will happen in this nights"
he slip green tea and look at outside, something stand in front of the door. he realized he is a man who wear block suits , block tie and block shews.
"May I help you? you lost your way?"
Even thorough the police officer ask a question, the man in block keep silence, move his rights arm which has a block bags. he just put the bag on the floor.
" You found this bag?"
man take a phone to report this strange man, so he move his eyes on phone and push buttons to call the police department. But in this moment, only ten or fifteen second, he miss the man in black. when he look up to the door, there is just the bag.
"Where is him?"
he walk to the door, and move his face to outside, but no one walk near the police box. he move his eyes on the bag, this is ordinal black bag. but something is wrong, he slowly open the bag. suddenly, bad smell attack him, he move his head to avoid this smell. he know what this smell is, during the training at the police academy, he often smell at medical lab in the academy. this is the smell of blood, he found the face of man who carry the bag to the box. he call detective, then the local police start investigation, they found no criminal, no evidence which is associated with the victim and the man who have the same face and carry this head.
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