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A moment at the cafe'

Instance of Moments Change

Sitting outside at the cafe' that day
Talking and drinking with a longtime friend
Being such a nice time not wanting it to end
It was warm and sunny
The drinks were hot tea with a touch of honey
Everyone seemed to be out and about
Looks on their faces were of blissful content
Seemingly putting everything off that was important
Many of strangers passing by with peace on their face
Appearing to have a slow quiet confident pace
My friends face changed domineer
From contentment to surprise then fear finishing off with a tear
Her tear was going in the same direction as the hair
Deafening percussion sounds have replaced the day's peaceful tranquility
Not understanding how the air is leaving my lungs with extreme velocity
A gust of wind pushes with the sense of higher temp could be felt
What kind of cards were we just dealt
Chairs and tables have become airborne with no prejudice
With an internal feeling of going towards a personal genesis
Glass and steel becoming like bullets through the scene
My friend sadly is gone and nowhere to be seen
Orange, white and grey are the new colors of the day
Balls of steel are now passing through my frail GOD made body
Being no match when others beliefs become o so moody

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