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To my ideological being, this maybe the most difficult letter that I am writing as it is an acceptance to my soul, of the reality, but is also a pursuit to an uncertainty which I have brought on myself.

The reality is that I don’t know anything other than my own feeling, which may also have been inferred due to circumstances, dilutions and apprehensions. The forceful acceptance of this reality is a very risky venture, especially to the one you had cherished to an extremely unorthodox level.

The chances of failure in expressing such emotions may not be reciprocated but if it is something noble, why a return is vital and if there is an acknowledgement what changes will it bring to the soul, will it again be a delusion or the path towards eternity

To my dear beloved,

With all I remember and all I have lost, there is a part of me that still has you and only you

My way towards my destiny is through this encounter, because to reach the level of wisdom for enriching me to leave this world materially and come back spiritually, a rebirth is needed but without closing all the chapters this transaction is impermeable

Make me free, so that I can live eternally

I hope you understand as maybe I didn’t understand myself and still in a metaphor

Let’s evolve again for humanity

Marked and Sealed in Blood

“To be or not to be” is a point one can’t stay too long on but the evolution of things have their own secrets and maybe now it’s my time to give back which I had taken for granted
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