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Dialogue 500 Entry

"Mom, come on, you have to be kidding."

"You know, dear, if you continue to roll your eyes like that, they might just stick in your head. And before you do it again, no, I'm not kidding. I think it's a brilliant idea."

"Brilliant? If you weren't my mother and I loved you so much, I'd say something far worse than "Oh my God, what are you thinking"? Why on earth would I want to host Thanksgiving and invite my ex and his new fling?"

"That ex of yours was once my son-in-law and while I don't agree with some of the nonsense, we always did have a good relationship. And isn't Thanksgiving about forgiveness?"

"Nice try, but I seem to recall that Thanksgiving is about just that - giving thanks. And I am thankful that he is no longer part of my life."

"Fair enough, but I also heard his fling, as you call her, has a lovely young brother that might be a good fit for your sister. She does spend far too much time studying and volunteering at that not-for-profit vet clinic over by the university. She needs to get out more often."

"What the -?"

"Oh, look at that my sweet daughter, saved by the bell. I'll go answer the door for you. I bet that's your sister."

"Hey Sista. Maa-Maa. Looks intense in here, what's going on? You guys ok?"

"Our lovely mom, protector of our hearts, wants me to host Thanksgiving and invite Eric and his new paramour."

"Wow. Cool idea guys. I hear she has a really hot brother. Might make for an interesting night. Whoa Tan, what's up with the eyes. You do know if you keep doing that they'll bounce into your brain or stick or something equally disgusting. What is it mom? What do they do?"

"Stick. Forever."

"You two are disgusting! My eyes will not stick or fall out. I am not hosting Thanksgiving. I am not inviting Eric, his bimbo or her stunning brother. Not now, not ever."

"Ohhhh Tania, this could be my one chance at salvation. At everlasting love. Maybe we're meant for each other. My sister breaks my heart. Et tu Brute."

"Krista, you sound like a hyena on crack. You too, mom - look at you, you're laughing so hard you're crying. I can't believe I let you two push my buttons."

"Not total buttons, dear, I always did like Eric."

"Like him, hate him, I don't care. Here's the thing. This Thanksgiving I am making dinner, just not for you. I'm volunteering at the women's shelter - cooking and serving with a couple of other community members. Play a few games with the kids and make it memorable. To make a difference and give the gift of what we experience - most years - to others".

"Can we do that too?"

"You both said that at the same time."

"Well then, sis, I guess we're both signing up. We can always invite the girlfriend for Christmas."

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