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by K.HBey
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Hatshepsut had governed Ancient Egypt for an average 22 years and disappeared suddenly!

Who is both a queen and pharaoh?

Married to Thutmosis the second; queen Hatshepsut or Maatkar (this is the previous name of hatshepsut) got a daughter Niferu.
The husband died and no man in this royal line to slot into the throne. Ancient Egypt civilization had always put queens' destiny in a harsh path. Hatshepsut found herself on the throne and had to bear a hard responsibility of all Ancient Egypt's nation. However, she was a female.

To reign has always been a matter of a male.

So how can it be such female succeeds in catching the reign and named herself pharaoh?

Such pharaoh succeeded in governing ancient Egypt for an average of twenty two years. It was from 1479 to1458 BC.It was during the eighteenth dynasty. It was the most prosper epoch of ancient Egypt civilization. Hatshepsut had focused a lot on architecture and destiny was because of the existence of Senemut architect who conceived for her marvelous buildings.

Hatshepsut disappeared suddenly after being forty years old. All her figures were erased from all her buildings. Most Hatshepsut' statues were buried. This means one thing someone had attempted to dismiss her from ancient Egypt history.

Who did envisage doing so and why?

Hatshepsut had a successor Thutmosis the third. Who gets profit from the crime? Indeed history thinks that Thutmosis the third wanted to erase the name of Hatshepsut from the ancient Egypt civilization. Doing so, he wanted to catch the insolent success from a female pharaoh.

Did he kill Hashepsut?

Many historians think that Hatshepsut was killed. Even though the existence of such beneficial track of a crime there was no mark of crime in Hatshepsut corps.
Zahi hawasse is an Egyptian historian researcher who has succeeded to reveal Hatshepsut mommy; found the evidence of no crime track. Indeed after passing the scanner, researchers found teeth abscess and malignant tumors over the mommy. A thing which explain the natural death of Hatshepsut.

Karnack temple; Diar el Bahri temple and obelizes were the most prestigious buildings belonging to the pharaoh Hatshepsu; they are still here today, after 3500years, as witnesses of such great lady who led her nation to a wealthy world during exactly Hatshepsut's reign.

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