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by K.HBey
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People always confuse high blood pressure disease with high blood pressure physiological

What does blood pressure mean?
Blood pressure is the force acquired by blood against the fences of the vessels.

When can we talk about high blood pressure?
High blood pressure is declared as a pathological phenomenon when her indexes are over 120mmhg for the systolic blood pressure and when the diastolic blood pressure is over 90mm hg.

Is there many kinds of high blood pressure?
In fact there are two entities of high blood pressure. The first one is high blood pressure disease. This is when the previous indexes are constantly high and does not change without any medication.
The second high blood pressure is a physiological phenomenon. During certain conditions blood pressure knows high indexes and when such conditions disappear; blood pressure returns to normal indexes. This happen, to any normal individual.
High blood pressure disease is a permanent pathological phenomenon caused by abnormal indexes.
Indeed, such patients have most of all these common symptoms dizziness, headache, nausea, breast pain and impression of whiz at the ears. Some patients can have leg edema, back pain and faintness.

Are high blood pressure reasons always known?
The pathological high blood pressure can be primary or secondary. For the first one, the investigations cannot find any pathological reason for high blood pressure during this permanent path physiological phenomenon.
For the secondary one, the investigations always show the direct reason of high blood pressure.

What are favorite factors of high blood pressure genesis?
There are many favorite causes which let high blood pressure developing; that is in spite of whether it is a primary or a secondary one.
These favorite causes are: obesity, stress, sleep troubles and the hyperactivity.These favorite causes constitute a propitious field for high blood pressure

What about direct reasons of high blood pressure develop?
There are direct reasons which let developing secondary high blood pressure. These are like: kidney diseases which are the most famous causes of a secondary high blood pressure.
Hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia and diabetes come at the second position as the cause of secondary high blood pressure.
There are also some cardiac diseases which play an important role in the genesis of high blood pressure.
Sometimes there are some endocrines diseases and iatrogenic causes of secondary high blood pressure.

Blood pressure knows high variation during the twenty four hours. Indeed more effort, stress and rich nutrition can increase the blood pressure indexes. The night is a suitable timing for higher indexes of blood pressure. Here, I am talking about physiological facts.
As such indexes vary with season. Indeed high temperature can increase blood pressure indexes. That is why in summer we can have a high variation in our previous blood pressure indexes.

How to assess blood pressure?
That is why the assessment of blood pressure is not an easy thing. Indeed and even though medicine puts a limit between normal and abnormal indexes of blood pressure the reading of them is not banal. That is to say that a normal person can sometimes get abnormal indexes because of only physiological reasons and here medication is not a need.

The interpretation of blood pressure indexes is done by taking into account the age of the subject, the sex, the activity, the mode of life, the timing of the day, the season, a recent exposure to any stress and a previous history of any existence of any disease.

It is a relative assessment and cannot be done in absolute way by comparing someone's indexes with the established normal ones. Indeed for example 14/09 and 15/09 can be absolutely normal for certain persons at the same time this can be a dangerous sign for another one.

It is then advised to compare your indexes with the usual previous ones and to consult a physician whenever you will notice a constant variation.
High blood pressure is a model of both physiological and path physiological phenomenon which is a daily motive of consulting in medicine.

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