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My Cows' Opinions on Math
"I could divide you better than the calculator" Enjolras said when Kathleen had school work to do.

"I could how many times can I go into you better than the calculator. I could give a sum. You don't need a calculator for that." Grantaire replied.

*Enjolras & Grantaire are female cows. *

Enjolras imagined herself as part of a math problem, Kathleen figured out. Kathleen agreed that she was good at going into stuff. For Kathleen thought that was the positive thing to say about Enjolras's math fantasy. seemed all the sudden Enjolras had something way more important than math.

Enjolras felt it was important that she got her fur explored by Kathleen - that that would be an adventurous experience Kathleen needed to do before more math because Enjolras and Kathleen could get powered like a solar calculator together.

Grantaire listened to all this and grunted, "I can give you a powerful sum too - a sum everybody can see. Sometimes people can come up with a sum together much better by doing math math on a calculator."

A little bit of my life on the farm back in the mountains right above the place on which Andy Griffin was based, Mt. Airy.

Copyright 2016 by Kathleen Ann Montgomery

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