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The love from my family went on for generations, and still does.
My family I love so dear,
hath loved me from the start.
They love me every hour, every day,
Now how big is their heart?

Just the three of us, you see,
Mother, Father and me,
make a wonderful trio,
and before me, Mom and Dad were a duo,
and later that is what they will be.

Next in our family tree,
are the aunts, uncles and cousins,
for if my parents did not have brothers or sisters,
who would I be niece to then?

After them, come Father and Mother,
of my Mom and Dad,
for if my grandparents did not get married,
'twould be too sad.

I could keep going on and on and out,
but I feel the need to walk-about,
my eyes weary,
my stomach empty,
and my mouth full of drought.

This is
Jade Amber Jewel, the Writer
signing out.
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