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I still remember the feeling when I saw the blood seeping through the bleach white ceiling tile. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. But I played along with a convincing enough facade when the blood bled through the tile and dripped onto Tiffany's golden braids. For me, the dirty work has just ended. But for the others, it’s just the beginning.
-2 days prior-
“Ok class to today we will be playing flicker ball. Hey TJ, get over here, what do you think this is?! Nap time?!” said Mr. Oldonly, in his strong, overtaking cry. TJ, was always either sleeping, screaming or saying how feelings are a sign weakness. We, John Berry, Daniel Tope, and I, just thought it was a phase TJ was going through. In 5th grade, he was the most ambitious and kind boy in all of Camden, Maine. But, in 7th grade, everything changed. Nobody could have predicted that TJ would have done next. We thought the light was still in his eyes. But darkness had made it mark.
After Gym, I had Design and Sculpting, with TJ, Cameron, Becky, and Johnny. TJ almost never talked in this class. Cameron and Patricia were the 8th-grade power couple. Of course, they’re the most dramatic people. They would go through “horrible fights” and “Glamorous romantic moments”. But what Patricia did not know was that Tj had to feel for her. Nor did Cameron.
Anyways I didn't finish my paper mache project for that class, so I had to do it during lunch. As I'm walking to room 133, I heard someone crying. A girl. But as I listened I finally knew the voice. It was the same voice that I had heard just a period ago. Patricia? But, I didn't know exactly where it was coming from. "Somewhere you knew no one would find or confront you" I contemplated to myself. "The Bathroom? No, Bathrooms were nowhere near here." I gave up. It was probably just the a/c making noises again. Wait! A/C... the vents! But how would you be heard through the small classroom vents, a sound couldn't possibly echo through them. Not in the hallway. I that is where I stopped. I saw the Janitor come out of his office. I see Cameron with Becky. At this time I thought it was just a breakup. But Patricia was getting tired of Cameron's unfaithfulness. She had had enough.
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