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A realistic letter I wrote about, from a slave's point a view of the fort sumpter.
I was in the kitchen cooken up a meel for the mastr and mussis yesterday. I heared him tauken bout how satified he feels bout south carilina is joinin the confedrateion. Lincon would destroy our encomy. Then take our slaves. But when I was be walking to my shack. I heared a colored older man said that the lincon would set us all free. He would make us all eqle to the master. Oooo dont that sound just fine!!! Wherin somin but theses old riags. But a blue shirt with som shooes! Mama I wish you could be here to see my satifaction.
Today I hearded Ruty -the young colored man that be sleepin the same shack as me- said that he thot him heared on the radio that som union troops snuck into a fort in the towns bay called fort sumer or somthin while every bodie were asleep. I couldent under stand what he was meaning? Why did that madda? But there be no time to think bout what Rudy said, I had to get work. But, mama I sear to the lord that even thou i could make ana seence out of what he said, It gave me hope, until I looked out the the kichen glass, seeing somin burin out on the water. The fort. My hope qustioning.
Your boy,

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