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by Samar
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A glance of the future we have created
Technologically advanced, but no trees to water.
The world in our hands, yet no air to breathe.
Zoos turned into museums for the animals have grown extinct.
What a world we have created indeed!
I remember the days, when the cattle roamed freely all over, now I find them in zoos as creatures extinct.
And we did nothing, before it was too late.
I relished the feel of sitting beneath the shadow of a tree, now trees are caged for they fear losing the last leaf.
And we did nothing, before it was too late.
I anticipated the fresh air of the countryside, now the freshness of the air seems to be a yearned memory indeed.
And we did nothing, before it was too late.
The chirping of the birds and swimming in the lake a haze, for the water is no more and neither are the chirps.
And we did nothing before it was too late.
So engrossed were we in making this world advanced, that we did nothing to sustain the earth.
So engrossed were we in making the new developed era, that we killed the nature with our very own hands.
Now that we are ready to trade technology for nature, we realize that we are too late indeed.
Had we done something when we did nothing, would the birds chirp again and the nature would bloom, would we have it all.
But we did nothing...
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