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This is an entry for "Word From the Newbies" challenge. It is my personal experience. 737
Once upon a time, there was a young college graduate living in China, working as an English teacher. After two years of extremely limited teaching hours, she had become bored with her life. She spent most of her free time watch television or sleeping and she realized that she needed a change. She needed a new hobby.

She hit the search engines in to find hobbies for introverts since she is not a fan of social interaction and her daily life already required more than she preferred. She saw things like photography, running and learning a musical instrument. There was one thing that just stuck out to her that appeared on every site she checked, writing.

She had always hated writing as a student because she was forced to write so many papers on seemingly useless topics. After fighting it for so long, she decided to give it a try. She started with by looking for 30 day writing challenges but they didn’t spark any interest in her so she kept looking.

One day, she stumbled upon WdC. She had no idea what it was, but the phrase “where the writers go” caught her attention and she joined.

Little did she know that WdC and the people in the writing community would change her life forever. She was going to start out slow, until she found the flash fiction challenge. From her day one, she submitted an entry and continued every day for a week straight, she never won anything but the things that she learned and the confidence she gained were more important than winning.

From this challenge, she was able to put short and simple pieces together for other people to read and review. In the first week, she received over a hundred reviews of her writing. Some were good, other were bad. While some were very useful, others were still useless.

In this time, she also met Batman. He was a slightly author who had struggled with confidence in his writing. He even eventually left WdC for personal reasons but not before making an impact on this young writer. Through exchange of emails, they were able to build each other up, help each other out and build a friendship that neither expected. All because of a chance, read and review.

As she became more confident with her writing, she started to think about other options, writing a book, telling her story and even working as a freelance writer. In the beginning, none of these things seemed possible but she sat down and gave it a try. Within three months of joining WdC, she got a job as a freelance journalist, she started writing her memoir, and she went from being the encouraged to the encourager in many cases.

The community that exists on WdC, like all communities has people who can be helpful and those who can be hurtful. There can be conflict at times but there can also be compassion and friendship.

Though her time at WdC has been short, and she can’t always be as active as she wants to be, she always checks her emails daily. To this day, she can’t go a single day without checking to see if someone stumbled upon one of her pieces and wrote a quick review.

She can’t always be as active as she wants to be but WdC has changed her, it has given her the creative release that she has been longing for and hoping for her entire life. Being able to put words on a page to say what she thinks and feels and sees inside her head has brought a sense of relief that she had never felt before. She found this because of WdC.

Never before had she been so encouraged and impacted by complete strangers and never has she been so grateful and appreciative for the kind words from those fellow writers.

In a small city in a foreign country, life can be difficult for a person, especially when language skills are limited and culture shock never seems to fully go away. But having a place to escape, a place where true feelings and experiences can be shared. Where people help in ways that they don’t even know, we all need a place like this. A place of comfort and community that is a constant in the always changing world around us. For her, she found that at WdC.

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