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set in a realm called Soario,there was a boy called Jack.

Galaxia wars-Verundor

In a land where mythical beasts come to life and weapons turn into ships,there were a certain type of people you can become.......AUTOMATRIONS.They set out planet to planet with one goal in mind...to find a special treasure in the middle of the universe called the....SMEIRO.Of course everyone wanting the treasure made sure almost every where was a war driven place.But there was one place 6 light years away from this treasure and this place was called.....Soario.In this special place there was a kid called Jack who had the dream to become and Automatrion but one dayhis parents mysteriously disappeared,so with the help of an alien girl called Sabrina and Jack's friend John they'll cross the whole universe to find Jack's parents and maybe even the perplexing treasure known as the Smeiro.

Chapter one-tale of the autobuster
Weeks before the enigmatic disappearance of jack's parents,Jack was a cheerful boy who always knew right from wrong.He would go and help people around the realm,help his parents and never lied.Although this was the case he would sometimes do stuff he wouldn't normally do causing.....let's just say the evacuation of a whole town.He could do that because of his powers he inherited from his dad and mum."Soooooo Jack,are you ready for the automatrion test tomorrow?"inquired Josh.
"You sure I am!"Jack said cheerfully
"Have you studied?"Josh uestioned.
"Nope...."Jack whispered deadenly
Jack and his friendJoshwent to the a school called automatrion academy,where you could train to becomean automatrion.Jack want's to be automatrion so badly so that he can venture to defeat who knows what in the galaxy.But the thing is he always procrastinates meaning he waits till the last moment to do anything

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