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by Ana
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By hook or by crook.
Chapter- 1

Amelia’s P.O.V

“See you tomorrow Amy” said Jackson waving at me from his cubicle.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow. And good luck for your date with Hugh” I said winking at him. He blushed. This was the first time I saw him blush.

“Yeah thank you Amy” he said and walked towards the elevator.

I shut down the computer and picked up my bag and left my cubicle and walked towards my boss’ cabin. I knocked on his door.

“Come in” I heard his voice.

“Sir?” I called out to him as he was busy doing something on his computer.

“Yes, Ms. Wilson? Do you need something?” he asked me looking quizzically at me.

“No sir. It’s just time for me to go. Si I just wanted to know if you need me?” I asked him honestly.

“No Ms. Wilson. You are done for the day. You can leave now. I will see you tomorrow morning. Good evening” he said and dismissed me quickly.

“Of course sir. Good evening sir. See you tomorrow” I muttered quickly and left his cabin closing the door.

I went to elevator and punched ground floor. The elevator started moving down but it forever for me to reach the ground floor because the elevator stopped in between so many floors from 25th floor where I was working to the ground level. People were getting in and going out.

The elevator pinged informing that I reached down. When I came out of the elevator, I saw Cindy sitting in the reception. I walked towards her.

“Hey” I said.

“You done girl?” she questioned me.

“Yeah for today” I said.

“Can we go out today? At 8?” she asked me with hope in her eyes’.

“Cindy, you know I don’t go out right?” I asked her in reply.

“Yeah I know, but come on please you don’t even have a life other than office and your apartment. You should go out more and have fun. Look at you, so gorgeous but single. You need to get yourself a hot hunk” she tried reasoning with me.

“I’m not interested in dating anyone. I don’t need a guy to have fun you know” I said arguing. I frowned at her. I didn’t have a boyfriend ever. I never had the time to date anyone. I just wanted to study and have a good life. I never had the thought of having someone actually.

“Exactly. That is why you need to go out. It’s fine if you don’t need a guy but let’s have a girls’ night tonight. Call Abby too. Never mind I’ll let her know. You just get ready I will pick you up at 8. Alright?” she said without even waiting to hear my opinion. Now I don’t have any option other than going with my two crazy friends.

“Ughhhh… Fine. Since I don’t have any option” I said making her squeal in delight.

“Jeez calm down” I said making her shut up.

“Okay. Now shoo… Off you go. I have some one very important coming to the company” she said being serious.

I was curious. “Who is it?” I asked.

“Ohhh… I don’t know. Just some potential investor and best friend of our boss I guess” she said.

“Okay, so see you at 8?” I asked just to confirm hoping she would say no but to my bad luck “See you at sharp 8 babes” she said.

“Right” I muttered and walked towards the door.

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