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by Igor
Rated: E · Short Story · Drama · #2104780
Short story about Siberian gangsters, tolerance, friendship and sex
- “Do not rush, stop here”, - ordered Elephant quietly, - he is usually seen in the vicinity of the main entrance to the Polytech . He returns to the dormitory after his last class.
- “Yes, now it’s half past one, he should appear”, - said Misha.
- “We'll take him to the cottage to have a fun, because there is such a melancholy that I want to howl”.
- “Do we want to take hoes?”
- “We will see. Although I am tired of all of them, I want to vomit seeing those drunken mugs. None of them are normal woman”, - mumbled Elephant.
- “Alex has a new girl, what about inviting her to the cottage to gangbang?”
- “Good idea, I need to think”.

Elephant is two-meter hoodlum with a horrendous swine muzzle. It is still not clear why he was given that nickname, Boar Snout would fit to him better. Perhaps he is too huge and quiet to be called Forest Boar. It is almost impossible to scare or surprise him. At least he knows how to be calm in all situations. More than once his gang was convinced that a gun can’t harm him, a trunk can’t roll him in asphalt, a train can’t crush him, it’s impossible to hack him to death with an ax.

Misha’s head almost reaches Elephant’s shoulder, but he is also fat and muscular. His face looks like it should be on "Wanted" poster. When the walk along the streets of the city together, all the passers-by understand that the police don’t need to look for criminals already known to them. Here they are, walking along the main avenue.

In the early 2000s most of the surviving bandits moved into positions of power or into business. They legalized, started families and became decent citizens of their country. The city of Chita also followed these trends, but very slowly, so the street crime and criminal gangs still flourished there. During the Civil War Chita was the only city in eastern Siberia, which immediately accepted and supported the Soviet power. Local proletarians led by revolutionaries, sent from Moscow and St. Petersburg, minted weapons for the oppressed by White Guard based in Irkutsk. Neighboring Nerchinsk supplied city with prisoners, exiled to Siberia and worked in mines. The spirit of anarchy, criminal lawlessness, poverty, desire to survive at any cost, backed by harsh climatic conditions and widespread drunkenness, turned Transbaikalia into one of the most dangerous regions of the country. That’s why it’s still called Red Chita.

The paws of local gangs didn’t only reach teenagers from disadvantaged families. Misha’s mother, for example, worked as a bank director, but she had no time to engage in the education of her son. Endless nannies were replaced one by one, not withstanding the explosive nature of Misha and his constant desire to play pranks. Every summer he was sent to his grandparents in a small village for three months. In September they always had a celebration when their "favorite" grandson went back home. Between all relatives from a very early age he was known as gangster Misha. It was really him - small street bandit who became this way out of boredom, for fun.
Over time, almost all the members of Misha’s small group were married, fell into a job or ran their own businesses. A while they met to spend leisure time together, to enjoy prostitutes, to drink vodka in a Russian Bathhouse somewhere, to drive crazily in their cars in the city, not caring about the cops. In the last ten years Misha crashed one car per year. Fortunately for him, every time his mother bought him a new one, although she considered him a fool. She thought that it was too late to educate him and blamed herself, becuase she always indulged him.

Misha also married. He had a daughter whom he truly loved and called her a shameless ginger. Despite the external aggression and intimidating appearance, something warm and gentle was in him yet. Sometimes there was just a little ache somewhere in his stomach, something he lacked. He couldn’t understand what it was exactly…
- “Here he is. Drive closer, - muttered Elephant.

Misha drove a few meters, left the car and ran towards the small and thin black man, the only black person in Chita. Elephant followed him, completely blocking the way for the dark man.
- “Hi, I'm Michael, this is Peter, you can call him Elephant. What is your name?”
- “Joseph”.
- “What country are you from?”
- “Senegal”.

- “Oh my God, alive nigger in Chita!” – exclaimed Misha. In his childhood he was a little bit obsessed with blacks, from whom emanated something exotic, something unknown, mysterious and supernatural. When he went on business trips to Moscow, he constantly looked out for black people in the subway and on the streets. He tried to take pictures with them, if he had the chance.

- “Come with us, Joseph, to the country, we’ll take some girls and have fun”, - Misha feigned persuasion , however the foreigner did not have time to say anything, as he was dragged into a car by force. He almost did not resist, for the past month of his life in the city he was so scared and that fear paralyzed his muscles, he was ready for everything.

On the streets the passers-by did not allow him to walk, they usually came to him and asked: “What is your name? Where are you from? How is life here for you?” He was sent to Chita Technical University (people just call it Polytech) after only one year of study at the preparatory faculty in Moscow. He spoke Russian badly, because one year is not enough to learn it and he did not know what barbarous wilderness he would be exiled to. Siberia for him was the same as Africa would be for Russians, where coups, civil wars, slaughter of thousands of people occur infinitely, one dictator is replaced by another. Russian person can go to the savannah to live with a tribe named Tumba-Yumba, there they will perceive him or her as white god or goddess, will feed and cherish him/her forewer. However, in Siberia it's different, strangers live a difficult life. The ignorant folks do not accept the African as a human, more like a speaking ape.
At the cottage the rest of the gang members were waiting for them. To be honest, they were not a gang, but just good friends.
- “See, they dragged the negro”, - shouted Squint.

- “We’ll get real amusement tonight”, - said Clone.
The arrival of the guests caused general excitement, gangsters began to set the table and heat the Russian Bathhouse. There were a few women in the gang who were there to be so-called nurses for Emergency sex aid. All of them were obviously not so fresh, over thirty, and looked almost forty or fifty.

Vodka poured down like the river, a violent spree began, debauchery came and started to reign and rule unchallenged and shameless. A women’s sarafan was found somewhere and Joseph was forced to put it on after removing his clothes. To Russian folk music he had to dance - squatting, pulling up the hem and to show his little black ass to amuse public. People just choked with laughter when they saw that scene. Misha especially liked the performance of the tortured person. He hassled a little black man more than the others, helping him to take his clothes off, slapping him on the butt, whistled, shouted making himself hoarse and laughed so that tears flowed.

In the morning everyone calmed down, half-dead bodies were lying everywhere. However, Misha did not sleep, he was caught up by strange thoughts. He imagined himself as the leader of an African tribe in the dense jungle. On his thick waist he wore nothing but a loincloth and he was holding a spear. All the women belonged only to him and he could arrange an orgy in the middle of the rainforest to the cries of wild monkeys. All of his wives were absolutely naked, dancing a ritual dance. Only one of them was dressed in the Russian kokoshnik and sarafan. She turned to him, and he saw she was actually Joseph.

- “Faugh! I am hallucinating... I am too drunk”, - Misha grumbled, - “I have to go to look for the nigger”.
He found a small African in the cooled Russian bath, curled up on a bench in his ridiculous sarafan. Misha was a little sorry for him, he came over, shook the foreigner.
- “Hey, blacky, wake up.”

Joseph lifted his head and turned to Misha. Feelings of pity seized the Siberian gangster more forcefully, he wanted to hug and fold the little alien into his chest. Somewhere in his subconsciousness some other stronger feelings appeared. Misha was not accustomed to resisting his desires and always acted quickly and impulsively. If he wanted something he just got it. He embraced the African and gently pressed him to his chest, or rather to his fat belly. The little black man looked at him with his huge black eyes, so kindly, as if to show Misha that he was giving his life to his big muscular arms.

It seemed to Misha that black man’s eyes were a huge funnel, a black hole, absorbing the surrounding stars, and with them Misha was absorbed too. His plump lips, blushing with desire, shamelessly and temptingly offered themselves. Misha could not resist and with all possible passion, kissed them. At that moment he thought that he had never had such desire for his own wife. The foreigner did not resist the pressure of being completely used by Misha.

- “Oh, my monkey”, - Misha whispered, caressing the Moor under sarafan.
In a second he took off his sarafan and undressed himself. His body was blazing, and he held back a pleasant shiver, somewhere in the place of his stomach appeared aching heat. Misha did not think how low he had descended, he had forgotten about caution. Their gang hated homosexuals, declaring the city of Chita free from any kind of perverts. Putting the little black man on the belly, the strong Siberian climbed on him with all his massive body. Joseph groaned, ground down by Misha’s weights. And then, finally, the moment of heavenly grace began, when he fully captured the object of his desire. Electric current pleasantly swept across the gangster’s body. African man quietly sobbed and began to moan with pleasure moving the given Misha’s rhythm.
-“My dark hair sweet tender monkey”, - Misha whispered.

- “Mother fucker”, - shouted Elephant’s voice, - “What is this shit? Misha, you shame us!” – the black and white couple was showered with indecent obscenities.
Misha jumped off the black man, covering himself by sarafan.
- “What are you doing, Elephant, why do you burst in?”
- “Are you a queer, Misha? You're a disgrace to us. I expected such things from anyone, but not from you. You've got a wife, a daughter! You are a bastard!”

Elephant punched Misha, a fight broke out. Even though Misha was shorter than Elephant, he had the same strength and agility.
Joseph, taking advantage of the scuffle, ran out of the bath and went into hiding. He was seen in the city again and later he was allegedly seen at the airport, cheking into a flight to Moscow.

The fight rolled out of the bath into the street, where the two fat men had more space to maneuver. The noise woke the others, who poured out of the house. The scene they saw caused them all to laugh. They didn’t see Elephant fighting with naked Misha every day. Both were covered in blood. Their mates rushed to separate them, barely dragging from each other. Misha quickly jumped into the bath and hastily washed the dirt and blood off himself, then dressed. The mob dragged the perturbed and furious Elephant into the house. Misha ran out of the bath, jumped into his car, started it and drove into the city.

He returned home two days later, as he was staying with his mistress, who sometimes he ran during times of discord with his wife. He didn’t want to scare his wife and a child with his broken face. He didn’t see his friends again, because he was afraid of ridicule and retaliation.

A month and a half later Misha ran into Squint next to his building’s entrance.
- “Hello, Misha! How are you?”
- “Hi! I’m fine, could not be better!”
- “You know, the guys want to meet with you to sign the armistice.”
- “Does Elephant also want to?”
- “Yeah, he is the one who sent me. Come to the country on Saturday. We’ll chat, drink vodka, bathe, enjoy girls or anyone else. Ha-ha-ha”, -Squint laughed.
- “OK, I’ll come”.

Misha had no choice they would find him anyways and the truce would be the best way to avoid their revenge. He went to the country in due time on Saturday.
- “Hey, Misha”, - Elephant greeted him joyfully”, - we are all already here, waiting for you.”
The absence of prostitutes surprised Misha, because they didn’t spend any Saturday without them. The gang sat down at table and had a few drinks.

- “So, Misha, you like to fuck monkeys in their asses, don’t you?” – Elephant stated, - “I would understand a female creature, but you like male creatures. You're, Misha, the only gay in the city of Chita”.
- “Come on, I was a little bit drunk, I didn’t understand who it was”, - Misha retorted, trying to justify it to himself.
- “Do you know that our hookers have already spread gossip all over the city, that we organized a gay club here. They even came up with the name Blue Oyster”.
- “Hmm” - Misha chuckled.

- “Yeah, it’s funny for you, but we have been in the mud for a long time now and won’t be able to wash it off.”
Clone quietly came up to Misha from behind, put a noose round his neck and began to choke him. Misha twitched convulsively, trying to free himself from the rope. At that point Mole and Squint twisted back his hands and quickly began to tie them. Elephant squeezed Misha’s legs together and also tied them. Completely disarmed, not expecting an attack all at once from the four bandits, Misha softened.
They decided that they would not choke him to death, but instead put a bag over his head, tied a heavy piece of iron to his legs and cast the half-dead body into the trunk of a car. Then they waited for the night so that they could go to the opposite side of the city.
The Ingoda river makes a sharp turn, cutting one of the banks thirty meters high. A highway runs there and a huge bridge hangs over the water. A black SUV stopped in the middle of the bridge. Elephant opened the trunk, Mole, Clone and Squint barely dragged a tied and heavy body out of the car. In a flash Misha flew over the bridge. The water splashed. The friends stood for a few minutes, listening for any noise from below. There was silence. They got into the car and drove away.
Two local fishermen were engaged fishing under the bridge.

-“Did you see that? The gangsters threw someone off the bridge again”, - one of them whispered.
- “Let's go, or otherwise we will be brought into the court as witnesses and after that we will be thrown from the bridge too”, - the second one said fearfully.
They quickly packed up and disappeared into the darkness.
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