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by K.HBey
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Most people and especially who have (social/financial)get depressed really after holidays.
When the twenty first of December arrives, she always remembers fees. She has many bills to pay, of both water and electricity. She has also to pay both the location and the furniture as she has bought them by credit. Her two daughters are still young but they need many things. She has promised them to buy to them all that they need.

The end of the year is near and the first January is another date to take into account. Her two daughters are very glad because holidays are coming quickly. They project to do many things and money is also needed.
Money and money and money, she said.
She always shows to her daughters that she is glad and all things are getting well. She never complains about money. She wants that her daughters will pass happy holidays.
When the feasts come she becomes very glad seeing her daughters happy. She unwinds and buys presents to her daughters. They get happy festivities. When being in the second January, she depresses seriously.

This is a simulated story. Indeed many persons after the celebrations depress. That is because they become too happy and enter in euphoria state. This is the acme of happiness .The humor after, releases a feedback and leads humor to the acme of the depression. It is an automatic reflex and someone is getting depressed. It will take many days to humor to find its equilibrium and to be in a normal state.
Most people and especially the ones who have social troubles and especially financial ones, find refuge in the feasts and their subconscious see the illusion of solutions to their troubles in the festivities.

That is why the moderation in getting pleasure is the best thing. Someone must see the parties as a prompt moment of pleasure which will be stumped. There is a self-preparation to the feasts which means a real definition of them and to comprehend exactly what can someone get from them and what can someone loose in the festivities.

Holidays are a party of pleasure which must bring us exactly this and which must let us keep a good memory. Both physical and psychological health must be preserved. The stimulus of our humor must be moderated in order to get a moderated humor feedback and not to engender depression.c
Celebrate yes, to be depressed no.

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