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Love encourages long after seperation from THE fated relationship.

Unlike the ore docks,
coasting seagulls
and rusted, listing freighters,
awash in failing memory,
I witnessed you
a thousand feet higher.

Blue waters purged blue sky
when your eyes
and mine...
Two hands,
united elements,
we hiked.
You lifted me higher
on Sugarloaf Mountain.

Your vibrant song
on a chill, sunny day,
echoes still where we paused
amid restless leaves
encouraged an aimless ghost
freed from ignorance, solitude --
aroused hope
I could love better,

someone like you.

There's another, less wordy, direction to go with this. But, I prefer breathless, like a speaker who wants to get out all the words before being cut off. Part of a reverie, too, where the words log jam in the brain and all beg to come out at once. It might turn off a reader, but if read aloud, you might hear the intended impassioned plea being made in many of my poems...to revisit what we abandon in our hearts.

I'm working on making it more readable (with and without punctuation, for example) to get my point across, to be understood. I think I'm only going to get more verbose in passages before I figure this out.

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