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by Espero
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To homelessness in the blink of an eye
Here I sit, all alone; so afraid,
Trying to sort out the mess you’ve made.
You made a vow, said you'd protect me,
But now I’m left here in agony.

You’ve always taken care of our bills,
Or so I thought, now it gives me chills,
To see the pile reaching so high,
I hold onto my head, want to cry.

I trusted you but what you have done,
The lies you told, morn til’ setting sun.
About the bills, and all your affairs,
I understand now those fleeting stares.

I have no skills now I’m at a loss,
Who will hire me? Will any boss?
Always at home like you insisted,
Around your finger, I was twisted.

The notice came in the mail today,
A foreclosure, I must move away.
Money's gone, there's nothing to be had,
No credit cards, inside I feel sad.

As I walk away and close the door,
The home I’ve known as mine, is no more.
All that I have is what I carry,
What will I do? I must not tarry.

Here I sit, all alone, so afraid,
My eyes watch the sunlight quickly fade,
I feel numb inside,, can’t move at all,
Inside of a hole I’d like to crawl.

A voice! Am I hearing someone speak??
I turn my head but I feel so weak.
“Madam, what are you doing out here?
You’ll freeze to death at this time of year.”

“Let me help you, come along with me,
There is a cozy place you can be
A friendly shelter will keep you warm,
You'll be safe from the oncoming storm.”

He helped me up, led me to his car,
Took me to a place that wasn't far.
They welcomed me, now I’ve found work,
I love my job! I'm a retail clerk.

When I think about my life I say,
Thank God for the angel on that day.
Who rescued me from a dark black hole,
He saw my fear, my loss, I bless his soul!

I owe both of them a lifelong debt,
Homeless shelter and angel I met,
Where did he come from, I never knew,
For I’d like to tell him, God Bless You!
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