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A lesson through my dogs, on being patient and not giving up.
Parable of the Three Dogs
By Kristina Krampe

God speaks to me in many ways, so what I am about to share with you may seem strange, but Jesus often taught in parables.

One day, as I was making dinner, the 3 dogs were standing around me, hoping for a scrap. If the meat is too fatty or I have chicken skin (everything is cooked), I will give it to the dogs. After giving them some scraps, I said “no more”.

Now the oldest dog, he went across the room and laid down; I have learned through him that giving too much can cause him to get sick. He trusts me and easily settles for my "no" .

The youngest, he’s a puppy, maybe 5 months old. He is passionate, jumping up and down, barking, scratching at my legs. He has not learned yet to trust my judgment and is rebellious to my "no".

The middle dog, she is patient. She sat at my feet, quietly attentive and faithful. She has learned to trust me but also knows that sometimes a "no" is for the moment and maybe eventually turned to a "yes".

So, who do you think ended up with one more scrap? The middle one! God then showed me how we, as Christians, are like this:

The older, more mature Christian, while obedient, sometimes gives up on things too quickly. We accept God’s will, sometimes give up on what we really want, because it may not be good for us, at the moment. We give up and think it is God’s will forever.

The baby Christian is greedy for the things of God but doesn’t understand the many levels of our faith, hasn’t learned to trust the Father yet, to know what is best and healthy for him.

And then, there is the Christian who sits at God”s feet, who trusts the Father and His decisions, who understands that just because God said "no" now, that the "no" may sometime become a "yes", if only we do not loose heart.

Dear Lord, let us always trust in you, be guided into Your plans. Let us not be Christians who settle and lay down, without vision. Do not let us be rebellious and demanding our way. Let us be faithful, watchful, so when the "no" is turned to a "yes", we are ready!

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