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by Lekio
Rated: E · Fiction · Mystery · #2105014
A man describes how many young people now hold power over their peers.
There were so many questions - so many questions we asked the day the impossible became possible. Before that fateful day, the world made complete and utter sense. Now, it seems as if all sense and logic has vanished from the face of the Earth. At one point, all people were equal under the laws of physics and how the universe works. Today, you could bump into a child or young adult who might possess the power of a god or ancient deity.

On that day - that awkward, awkward day - a green flash covered the sky around seven o'clock in the morning. Nobody knew what this odd light was or where this flash had come from, but the mystical green glow lasted for almost six hours before disappearing. After it went away, the oddest thing occurred - young people from around the planet developed super human abilities. People between the ages of six and thirty gained powers that, in a saner time and place, could only the things of comic books. Some could lift cars with almost no effort; others could drop of the side of a building and fly impossible distances; a few could fire beams of energy out of their limbs - almost any superpower you could name became real on that day.

Now, the world has to deal with ten of thousands of godlike youths who can level cities without trying or change the tide of international conflicts with solely a thought. Those of us without abilities are doing our best to adjust, but it's just really hard, you know? It is hard being a mortal in a world where Gods now exist. But, I guess we will adjust, one way or another.
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