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Rated: 13+ · Prose · Horror/Scary · #2105029
There's nothing but darkness around me and my thoughts don't make any sense, where am I?
I sit on my bedroom floor in the darkness, trying to make sense of my thoughts. There’s a dim light pouring in from the outside hall that transforms everything into strange shapes. I wrap my arms around my knees a little tighter, making myself as small as possible, as invisible as I can get. I can’t seem to process what is happening around me, even though a part of me still insists nothing is going on, it’s just a quiet night like any other.

I feel a bump on my shoulder and startle out of my broken thoughts. There’s nothing but darkness around me, I’m not even sure if I felt anything at all.

“Who’s there?” I whisper.

I see a shape move in my peripheral vision and as I turn to look there is nothing but stillness. A chill comes over me and I wish I was wearing something more than a gown. I command my body to get up, to move, I know there must be a blanket somewhere near me, but It’s like the connection to my body is lost. The commands disappear in my mind, along with everything else a person needs to be called sane.

I can feel my blood pressure drop as the dizziness sets in, I try to remember the events of the hours leading up to this, but its as if I’ve hit a wall. There’s nothing but fog in my head and I am floating around, weightless.

Questions begin to bubble up in my mind yet I can’t understand them nor do I have any answers. I am stuck in this state of nothingness. I close my eyes and images of a hospital ward full of nurses and doctors float across as I lose consciousness.

Word count: 294
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2105029