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by Lekio
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Taylor describes his new life with his new family in the nation of Carrowald.
"Don't hesitate to app or mail me. I am closer than you expect me to be. Good night!" the bright-eyed redhead told the boy as he stepped out her bedroom.

“Night.” the boy responded as the girl shut the door to her chambers.
It was amazing how easily the family had accepted him into their home in spite of what he was. Taylor Chavo was a foreigner from a war torn part of the cosmos who, at one point of his life, lived amongst a group of dangerous rebels in order to survive. Everywhere else in the nation of Carrowald, he was a freak, an outsider … a worthless Castan. Nobody would want to take him into their house and shelter him. They would be too afraid of the possibility he might steal something from them or convert their family members to his barbaric Castan faith.

At first, people might look at him and simply see a light-skinned boy with short black hair and lovely hazel eyes. In the beginning, they would identify him as a child no different from their own. They wouldn’t view him as a threat, just a lost child in need of some help. They wouldn’t let him into their abodes, but they would at least offer him some food or a quick phone call to anyone who may be able to give him a place to sleep for a night. The second they heard his accent and knew he wasn’t from around here, but from the Roguelands, everything would change. The generous offers he’d get a moment ago would be rescinded. No one would continue to speak with him unless it was to shout some sort of profanity about his heritage in the Roguelands. This was how he was treated no matter where he went throughout this odd, new country. First, he would be shown great kindness. Then, one way or another, they would find out he was an outsider from the more conflicted areas of creation. Lastly, he would be made into a pariah and be forced to walk the streets again, hoping the next place he visited would accept him for who and what he was.

For a long time, that was his life. For months, that was his existence. He was a drifter who went from town to town, feeling lost, unloved, and unwanted. All of this changed, however, when he met Ms. Pope in the city of Appalotis. When he was sitting on the corner of a filthy avenue where everyone just passed him by and did their best to avoid eye contact with him, she actually stopped and took the time to ask him how he was doing. After hearing about the troubles he faced, Ms. Pope took pity on him and gave him an offer he really couldn’t refuse: a place he could finally call ‘home’. He would be allowed to live with her in her house for as long as he needed to. The only condition she gave Taylor was he’d have to at least attempt to make friends with the four other children who resided in her home. The boy gladly accept and before he knew it, he was off the street corners and in a three-story neoclassical house.

The other people living in the home weren’t so terrible either. A very professional teen with jet black hair was named Cole and acted very respectable towards Taylor. Cole almost always wore a clean-cut business suit and tie. He always acted in a professional manner when he spoke with others and behaved with a generally pleasant demeanor. The adolescent was both a perfect businessman and gentleman. Sarah Kay was a soft-spoken but hard-working blonde with a great deal of compassion. The girl constantly worked hard, spending almost fifteen hours a day working her job at the nearby college. Despite how much energy this occupation drained from her day-in and day-out, she always found a way to smile and hang out with the other residents of the house before she went to bed.

Raquel was one of the quieter individuals Taylor found himself sharing an abode with. More introverted than the others, she was never very chatty but that didn’t mean she wasn’t enjoyable to be around. She was more a girl of action. The girl’s subtle hand gestures and facial cues spoke louder than words ever could. Also, Raquel was the most active person in the Pope household. If you wanted somebody to play games with or go with you to the local fair, she was your girl. She was basically willing to go along with anything and you might find her enjoying an activity way more than you, the person who invited her in the first place. Since the other persons in the house were busy at various times of the day, life would be very boring for anyone like Taylor who was without a hobby or career if Raquel wasn’t there. Fortunately, she was here to stay.

Finally, there was the sweetest, most intriguing member of her house: Ms.Pope’s adopted daughter Janet. Janet Pope, an outspoken lovely redhead, was a force to be reckoned with. A certifiable genius, straight A college student with a passion for history, Janet was the very core of the household. She was pleasant to everybody and exceptionally warm towards Taylor. Ms.Pope absolutely spoiled her, but she never bragged about her mother’s special treatment.
Tomorrow, this wonderful girl would return to her university, but she gave Taylor her new address and a basic contact info, allowing him to talk to her whenever he wanted to. Taylor thought about his new situation and smiled. Now, he had a home. Now, Taylor truly knew what it was like to belong...

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