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by Twiga
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Tale of Donna the Lobster Librarian
Once upon a time in the Kingdom Under the Sea the Royal Library's Chief Librarian was Donna the Lobster. Donna was a Maine Lobster...She was not a rare species but she was okeydokey with that. All the Books in the Undersea Library were waterproof which was a great thing for the Sea Creatures as they couldn't get educated about Surface Realm any other way.

One day while Donna was at her desk. She was approached by a...Strange Creature she couldn't describe...It looked vaguely like a Dinosaur, but Donna being a Lobster didn't have great eyesight so she couldn't be sure.

"Hey there!" Said the Strange Creature, he had to be a Water Breather or else he wouldn't be able to talk to her under the water...I'm looking for a very special book.

"Very special?" Donna asked hesitantly

"A Book about..." The Strange Creature said this very quietly "...The Occult Arts."

"Oh!" Said Donna "That's in the Occult Section...I'll take you there."

The Occult Section was off limits to anyone without clearance from the Librarians...They couldn't just let everybody in that section because some of those books were incredibly dangerous."

"So...What kind of Occult Book do you want?" Asked Donna

"I want this book..." The Strange Creature stroked his temples as he tried to remember "It was a book of spells all relating to animals..."

"We have lots of those." Said Donna "Do you have any other specifications?"

"It is an all-encompassing book of animal spells." Said the Strange Creature "It covers all kinds of animals."

"Let me see." Said Donna she looked through the shelves, she felt the spellbooks with her feelers getting a sense of which spells they contained.

"Is this the Spellbook you're looking for?" Donna asked as she pulled out the book. "The Kingdom Animalia Spellbook."

"Yes! That's the one!" Said The Strange Creature as he took the book "Thanks Lobster-Ma'am!"

Donna later closed the library when it got late enough and after watching the Grandma's Rerun Channel for a few hours she went to bed feeling content.

The next day Donna woke up and went to work again after some time working, she was approached by two humans in SCUBA Gear.

One Human held up a piece of waterproof paper reading "We need to talk with you Ma'am."

"What about?" Donna asked

The Human wrote some more stuff down then showed her the paper again "You let a Strange Creature here borrow a Spell Book yesterday?"

"Why Yes I did." Said Donna

The Human wrote once more and showed her the Paper "Come with us."

So they took Donna to the surface, Donna was perfectly capable of surviving out of the water. The Land above the Kingdom Under the Sea was the Primordial Jungle, a wild land that had been reclaimed by Nature long, long ago.

"What happened?" Donna asked knowing that something bad must have happened after she let the Strange Creature borrow the Spellbook.

One human pulled his snorkel from his mouth so he could speak "Last night some Humans skinny dipped in this lagoon...Last night someone enchanted the water to transform the Humans into Half-Human/Half-Animal Creatures when the moonlight shone into the waters of the lagoon.

"Oh my gosh!" Exclaimed Donna "You think..."

The Two Humans nodded
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