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This is a book about a girl who lives in an orphanage, and one day her friend had an idea
The Adventures of Millie

Chapter 1

I am Millie. I am a twelve year old girl who lives in an orphanage. You are reading my journal. I have lived here at the orphanage ever since I was two years old. My parents and I got into a car crash and someone saw us and called an ambulance. The ambulance came and took my parents and I to the emergency room. My parents both died and (somehow) I survived.

About me:
I told you my name and age all that but now it's time to tell you more:
I am a bookworm. I love books! When I grow up I wanna be a book writer! I also love music! I almost always have headphones or the radio or a CD playing! Infact, I like to litsten to music on my headphones while I'm reading. I usually just dress casual, but pretty. I have curly red hair and green eyes that look beautiful with my red hair. I have only one single freckle right on the side of my nose. It is the only freckle on my face.

I sorta like living in the orphanage. I know everyone and I'm almost never alone. Although, sometimes I do want to be alone but I usually just find a way to be alone for a bit. But right now I am with my two best friends Joe and Amy.

He is pretty cool! He is only 11 but he always dresses cool and wears cool-dude sunglasses (only when needed)! He is in here because his parents got murdered when he was 7. I feel really bad for him.

She is twelve years old (we are so alike).She is so nice to everyone she meets! Even the people she doesn't like! And she is a bookworm (like me) and we are the best of friends! We have known eachother since she came here (she was 9).
She's in here because her mom (who was her only parent) died in a car crash, too. But she was at a babysitter's. She usually just dresses the same way I do! She has very thick, straight, blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.

So now that I've told you about my best friends I might as well tell you about Timothy (most people just call him Tim).
He is 13. He is not at all my best friend!
Infact, he is the exact oppisite!
Me and Tim don't like each other at all!
We always pick on each other.
He has buzz cut blonde hair, and brown eyes (he thinks the buzz cut looks "cool" yah, right)

So you may be thinking "Why do you pick on him? What does he do to you?"
Well, to be honest, he started it. Now, I know you're thinking "That's so babyish!". But he did! When I was 8 (he was nine) he came to the orphanage. None of the kids know why. He never tells anyone and he's never told anyone.
But anyways, he went up to me and said "You're a dork.". And I said "How do you know you don't even know me!". And he just walked away. For the next few days he just kept picking on me and picking on me. I was just ignoring him until the eighth day. That's the day I decided to stand up for myself. So ever since that day, November 18, 2012, me and Tim have been picking on eachother.

Tim walked over to us and said "Dork (pointing to Joe), Dorkus (pointing to Amy) and last but least, Dorkus maxumis (pointing to me)."

"Oh, yeah?" I said. "Well you're a Doofus maxumis extreme!"
"Whatever." said Tim. And left. He just walked away.
Tim always does that, he insults us, waits for me to insult him back, and he leaves. He just walks away.

Chapter 2
That night as I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, I heard a wisper.
"Pst." It went. "Psst" it went again "PSSSSTTT" it went again louder.
"Me?" I said. I didn't know if whoever it was was derecting that wisper at me or someone else.
"Yeah, you." the person said.
"Okay, who is talking and what do you want?" I said
"It's Amy." she said. "Sorry... if, i woke you up..."
"That's okay." I said. "What do you want?"
"Well..." she said.
"Well...? What?" I said.
"Uh... um... uh..."
"Amy just spit it out!" I said.
"Well... this may sound crazy, but..." she said, pausing. "I wanna sneak out."
"WHAT?!?" I yelled. Completely forgeting that people are sleeping and we will get in trouble if we get caught talking in the middle of the night.
"Oops..." I said. Toning my voice down to a wisper. "What? Why? What time is it?"

"It's three in the morning." she said. "And I wanna sneak out because... I wanna have adventures! I wanna be free! I mean think about it, just you Joe and me..." I could tell (even in the pitch black darkness we were in) that she just drifted off into a daydream. I knew she did because she did her long, soft sigh that she always does when she drifts off.
"I guess it would be cool..." I said. "But how do we sneak out? We need a plan. What if we get caught?"
"Chill, Mill." (she calls me Mill sometimes) "I have a plan. But we can't do it tonight." she said.
"Well, then why did you wake me up?" I said, sounding sort of mad.
"Because I wanted to tell you right now because I couldn't sleep until I told someone. Don't worry, I'll show you the plan I have tomorrow. Right now, we need sleep."
"True." I said. "Goodnight... again."
"Goodnight." is all I heard before I dozed off into a deep sleep... zzzzzzzz

Chapter 3
In the morning I woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, went to my first few classes and sat down to lunch.
While I was doing all that I was thinking about the whole "sneaking out thing". I have made my decision.
As Amy sat down next to me, I said "I have made my decision.".
"Well, what is it?"
"We can't talk here," I said. "We could get caught."

Once we found a private space in the grass outside , we sat down and I told her "Yes. I will do it. But... I'm scared."

"Don't be!" Amy said. "I have a whole plan. Here's my notebook."
Her plan was pretty good! Here it is (this is from her notebook I'm not trying to be mean, or brag, but I have way better handwriting then her):

Okay so first we wake up at 5 am (make sure not to wake anybody up).
Next, I go to the bathroom (with my fake puke that i have already made) and dump the fake puke in the toilet while making a gaging sound. Then you guys go tell Miss Jane (Miss Jane is the princable of our orphanage school.) That I threw up and I'm sick. Once she leaves we go to the bathroom to check on me, you two leave the building through Miss Jane's bedroom window (make sure you close it when your done) and go around the building to the girls' bathroom window.then once she gets to me I say the whole "My stomach hurts" and "I have a headache" and yah but then I say "I need a bucket in case I puke in bed. Obviously she'll give me one (she keeps three under the sink in each of the bathrooms) and then I say "I guess I'll go to bed now... But first I have to use the bathroom. When I'm done I'll go to bed." once she leaves I go out the bathroom window and you two and me go to the old cabin In the woods (the old cabin in the woods is where me, Joe and Amy go, it's our secret hideout that nobody and I mean NOBODY knows about but us).So then we figure it out from there.

"So," said Amy. "What do you think?"
"I like it," I said to Amy. She grinned. "But, what about food and water?"
"Oh, I'm way ahead of you. I have about 50 bucks. And How much do you have?" she asked.
"I have 40." I said.
"And then if Joe's in, and, if I know Joe, he is, then we can add his money, too. But just with our money we have 90 bucks. There's a Mckdonalds about half a mile from the cabin, if we get stuff from the dollar menu, we will be fine. Also when we run out, or are close to running out of money, we can find work."
"Nice plan," I said. "But what about clothes?"
"We can buy a couple outfits, and then after they get too stinky, we go to the laundremat and wash them." she said.
"How long have you been planning this? You seem so prepared!" I said.
"About three weeks." she said.

Now remember this isn't done yet I will often edit it
There was probably a couple typos
And sorry about those things

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