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A story of how God is present through us
The memory of Christmas past is very unsettling in some ways. There are people I miss. I left behind a large family in Massachusetts so long ago. God showed me the family of God is so much bigger than that. I have known people since I can never forget. They like the family I left could have only been gifts of God, presents(gifts) reminders of love unending no matter who we are with and wherever we go. These gifts are forever to be cherished. Other gifts offered under a Christmas tree are merely symbols pointing to a greater reality. God is present, a gift offered from me to you.

This is the best part of the Christmas story is knowing that even if I can not see God. I do not have to see God to know that he is there and in the same way you do not have to see me to know I am there either!! I know God by knowing Jesus even who at time can seem so far away. Does this God really care? Take another look in that manger cradle, tiny hands and feet, crying when cold and hungry, embraced and embracing others with the love of God.
I am reminded of the love of God when I think of family and friends. Let me be clear that it is not for want to talk about God obsessively. Rather I live to show others who God is and where God can be found.

With all that being said I will miss you and yet know that in other ways we are never far from each other. That is because I am present through you. In my mind the words present(gift) and presence(of God) are commingled. When I know the gift (present), I can be the gift of God's presence to another.

That is the greatest "present", gift that we can offer under the Christmas each and every Christmas. I miss my mom and dad even as I type and yet I woke up today and realized they are ever so close because they are present through me and in a very real way present to you.

Know this emphatically, that even as I am present through you, we mirror together what it means to be a loving presence to others who seem so different from us. May the love of God radiate inside and out through the knowledge of the spiritual presence of God, knowing the love of Christ can be known through you. The gift is eternally present as we allow people we are just beginning to know, understand what it means to be part of family.
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