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Ana must find Terrington. For the Daily Flash 12.14.17
Ana started down the path to Monzuel. She knew Terrington had come this way. She knew he hadn’t killed Bosworth, but she didn’t know if she could prove it. Would he have stopped at the cabin? Surely the henchmen would find him there.
Ana took a quick turn, skipping nimbly over fallen trees. She heard men crashing through the woods behind her. She had to find Terrington. Then she saw the sign the hawk feather. He had turned back down the mountain, surely to avoid the blanket of snow that was quickly covering the higher ground.
She took to the brush that ran along the creek. If the henchmen caught her, she would have no hope in helping Terrington. The men got closer and she dove into the creek. The cold water, mostly melted snow from the higher elevations, poked pins at her muscles. She gasped when she hit the surface again. She did not remember the creek being so deep, or it moving so swiftly. She struggled against an undertow she had not expected. The rushing water smashed her against river rocks like a rag doll. She thought she heard a bone snap, but she couldn’t feel the leg she was sure was the culprit. Whether it was the cold or something else, she did not know. She had to push on. She had to find Terrington.
“Ana!” she heard a loud whisper, but she could not answer back. She was in a long tunnel. “Ana!” She struggled against her own muscles, which were cramping and cold. A strong arm moved around her torso. Had the henchmen got to her? She was pulled into a cave at the river’s edge and laid on the floor. He eyes slowly focused.

Word Count 291
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