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This is Month Five. The next month is the big one.
Month Five: Other
Due December 15th at 11:59 p.m. WDC time.

1. What are some significant plot points (wars, conflicts, etc.)?

At the moment, we adult GraveDiggers don't know what kind of conflicts the Pasinans and Hicteans had. We are pretty sure Pasina had a war of some kind, but we don't what kind it was. It could have been interior or exterior.

We don’t think it was interior because only a series of Death Bombs could have destroyed everything. One or two couldn’t have done it. Unless it either started a series of other explosions that engulfed the whole planet within minutes or they destroyed each other in the atmosphere.

Us adult GraveDiggers are sure it was an exterior war. We don’t know if the Pasinans fought back or who attacked them or why, but we do think they were attacked. True, we want to know what happened to the surface but we are more interested in knowing how the cave cities died. Especially since they all appeared to die at exactly the same time.

2. What is some history relevant to your world and your story?

The story you are about to read is set in the past. So, there is no history to tell you about. It’s all history. True, Hicte has a past. Some of that past will be revealed within the first part of this story. Most of it will happen in the present. Which is actually the past. That may sound a little strange right now, but it won’t once this story is written. All you have to do is read it.

Only the first part of this story is set in the past. The second part returns the reader to the present where the GraveDiggers will learn the truth about what really happened to Hicte and the other cave cities – or does it. There’s only one way to know the answer that question. You have to read it.

I believe I indicated that I would reveal part of the final story. True, I already have in the previous paragraphs. Now it’s time to reveal a little more. This is a suspenseful mystery. It’s a few other genres too, but you will have to read the story to figure them out. Can you do it?

Some other things to think about, but are not required:

3. Character Development. What are their hobbies? Where do they go to relax? What status do they hold in this world? What are some of the aspects you’ve come up with that apply to this character?

There are several main characters in this story but the main, main one is Wadis. He's the one who has a mystery to solve before it’s too late for everyone. Helping him with that solution is Tamma. Both are the same. Their work is their lives. They don't have any hobbies. The only time they have to relax is when they are sleeping, and they don’t even do that too much. Being a Medical Professional and a Law Enforcer is who they are.

4. What music is there? What art is there? What literature is there?

Of course, they had written sounds, painted images, and storytelling but Wadis and Tamma didn’t have much time to do too much of any of them. Both did written words as part of their professions. Wadis also liked to listen to written sounds and Tamma enjoyed doing painted images whenever they could. It helped them to think. They are going to need to do a lot of both if they hope to solve this mystery before it’s too late.

5. What food is there? What do the different classes eat to distinguish their status?

Both Wadis and Tamma were single. So, they lived in the singles part of Hicte. Only on opposite sides. It didn’t matter if you were single or connected each side pretty much had the same kind of food. They each also had a few individual kinds of food that only their side had. Wadis liked most of the normal minds, but he loved Jajan. Which was like a raw hamburger fish. He ate that as often as he could. Tamma also like the normal foods, but she ate Raddive at least three times a week. Raddive is a combination of ham with eatable spikes.

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