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Turtle Detective Eugene Snapper meets a Strange Creature who breathes fire
In Jungleville was a Common Snapping Turtle Detective named Eugene Snapper, while Eugene was young (By Turtle standards anyway) He was dutiful and dedicated to his job. Things had not been so great in Jungleville the past year, the previous winter a bunch of Reptile Cultists calling themselves The Scales of the Gods broke into Jungleville's Museum and stole a priceless artifact a five thousand year old block of stone covered in hieroglyphics. Three months later Eugene got an anonymous tip that the Cult Members and the artifact had been spotted in a cave outside of Jungleville the anonymous contributor said he had seen the Cultists circling around the stone and chanting in a strange language.

Eugene raced over and to his shock the Cultists had vanished from the Cave and the Artifact had as well. What he did see was a strange...Scaly Female...Naked and...Steaming? Sleeping in the cave.

Eugene ran over to the strange female and knelt beside her...She was strange...Unlike anything he had ever seen before! She was dark green in color and covered with white spines...She vaguely shaped like a Theropod AKA a Meat-Eating Dinosaur But unlike any species Eugene had ever seen before.

"Ma'am..." Eugene said as he rubbed the Female's Shoulder "Ma'am...Can you hear me?"

The Strange Creature slowly opened his eyes "Huh?" She blinked a few times then she looked at Eugene "Who are you?"

"My name is Eugene Snapper." Said the Turtle "Who are you?"

"I...I don't have a name." The Strange Female said and then she slurped up some pebbles with her tongue

"Ma'am..." Eugene said "...You ate rocks."

"I know." Said The Strange Female and she slurped up some more pebbles "My hunger craves rocks...They taste so delicious!" And that was when she exiled a thin plume of flame.

"Ma'am..." Said Eugene said doing his best not to freak out "I need to take you to the JVPD."

"What's that?" Asked the Strange Creature "Is that something you eat?"

When they reached the JVPD, the Captain a Black Panther named Boku was amazed when he saw the strange Reptilian Creature.

"Who...What are you?" Asked Captain Boku

"I call her Fire-Breath." Said Eugene "I don't know what she is but when she eats rocks she breathes fires. I found her in the cave where the cultists were."

Captain Boku came close to Fire-Breath "What were you doing in that cave?"

"I don't know." Said Fire-Breath "I don't remember anything before Eugene woke me up."

Strange, strange..." Said Boku "We need to ask you some more questions Ma'am."

Boku led Fire-Breath away for questioning Eugene went back to his home for some R&R

Eugene lay back in his chair reading a book about the History of the Turtle People when his phone rang, he picked up the receiver.

"Eugene..." It was Captain Boku his voice was shaking "We hooked the Strange Female to the Polygraph...Some...Some strange things happened."

"What kind of strange things?" Asked Eugene

"To make sure she was telling the truth, we asked her questions...She started thinking...And the Polygraph machine began to steam...Then she suddenly bolted to the chalkboard and started drawing...Star Maps."

"Star Maps?" Eugene could believe what he was hearing

"She drew this one constellation and said the constellation's name was Draco...Then she began to weep and kept murmuring Draco..."

"Draco..." Hearing that name awakened something deep inside Eugene "...I'll return to the JVPD Boku."

He came back to the JVPD...He found Fire-Breath still weeping

"Fire-Breath..." Eugene said quietly "I know what you are! I know because are Kids are related...In Ancient Times our kinds were one and the same...Fire-Breath you are a Dragon!"

And thus began many adventures of the First Dragon in Anthropomorphia

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