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by Jonn
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2105947
Goblins!? I don't remember any goblins.
For your consideration, a fragment from a worn, unfinished project. I've got lots and lots of words; a merry band of half-formed, unruly characters vying for the lead and a temperamental plot. Grammar and Punctuation were last seen drunk in the kitchen. Posted here for your amusement and thoughts.
When writing a draft, I throw everything in the pot and let it sit for a while. I'm pretty good at picking out the stinky bits but always appreciate some help. Please let me know if you find something exciting or promising worth keeping. And thanks for slogging thru the swamp with me.


As William looked about the henge he watched as the scenery began to whirl and change. The ground fell away and William found himself floating in the company of the standing stones, they flew slowly about him tumbling as they went. No one else could be seen. The sun moved quickly across the sky, slowly the ground came up and William found himself standing in a new place.The stones of the Henge, lintels and pillars, remade themselves into a perfect circle. The grassy infield was as before with an ancient tree at it's center but the Sun which had been high in the sky was now twilight in the west. Darkness spread around the four companions and the standing stones shone a ghostly light.

The Druid Henge, which had sat atop a high mountain peak mere moments ago, now stood in a rocky vale carved out of a hillside. The circular clearing was surrounded on three sides by steep rock cliffs that rose vertically out of the ground. Within the West wall a metallic door was set within an arch carved out of the stone face.

William looked at this new place. He could not help but think that at this rate he would soon die of starvation. During the past two days events had unfolded at such a rapid pace that there had been little time to eat and no time to pack provisions.

"Does anyone smell smoke?" said William

Their Wizard scowled as he surveyed the current location of the party company. "Aye... I smell it too, this is not good. This is not the place that I had intended. I don't know where we are. Even Grand Wizards should not dabble in the magic of Druids; ah well, I cannot undo what my magic has wrought. A druid Henge has a mind all its own and may have brought us here for a purpose... or we may have sent here by a power greater than mine."

"Oh no. Look there." William pointed off to the east and there in the distance below them was a village burning and carried on the wind came screams. Outside the village many small figures, illuminated by the fire light, could be seen running about in all directions.

The Wizard James shook his head. "Those are the screams of Elves. We are far off our course," His voice conveyed a deep sadness. He then looked up and stared at the stars.

Ferdinan stood at the East edge of the Henge and scanned the open space between him and the village. "There is a road here running to the village and on that road there appears to be a war band coming this way. These creatures are not human, nor are they Elves. They carry spears and shields. It seems our arrival has been noticed"

"Goblins--" said James.

A Goblin then jumped into the circle of dim light and howling launched a spear propelled by a spear thrower. It hit William hard in the center of his chest armor but glanced off harmlessly.William and his Father, Jonn, stood next to each other and the Goblin fearlessly charged them, a wicked looking long knife in his hand. The creature was fast yet Jonn appeared the quicker... almost. He drew his sword and was about to attack when he felt the goblin's evil blade pierce his side. How it happened he could not explain but the creature exhibited a unnatural speed and agility. William stepped forward and bashed the goblin with his shield and it fell to the ground stunned.

William, Jonn, and Ferdinan prepared now to receive another attack. They stood back to back. William eyed his opponent on the ground. He noted it was still breathing.

The squat, green creature lay face up and unconscious. It had a large, flat face with pale yellow eyes wide open, oval in shape and slightly bulging. It's height was somewhat less than five feet. The Goblin was composed of a lean, sinewy body with large feet, long toes, and long, clever fingers all connected together by thin arms and legs. He was adorned in a uniform of light leather armor, a hood and small cape. A cylindrical woven basket served as a backpack.

"Quickly James! Jonn is wounded. We have not much time"

James ran to the black riveted door and stood before it examining its nature. There was no handle of any sort and it could not be forced open by strength alone, with his fingers he began tracing glowing runes onto the door and the rock surrounding it, slowly at first, then his hands became a blur of motion. The Grand Wizard whispered words of power and with a loud click a lock turned and the thick iron door opened slowly outward just as a platoon of angry Goblins lept into the circle.

Suddenly arrows, stones and spears hurtled into the henge with uncanny accuracy only to bounce flaming off a unseen barrier several feet in front of William and his father. Ferdinan could be seen holding his sword aloft, blue flames engulfing it. The Paladin's armor glimmered with power as Ferdinan sent forth his will. "We cannot hold this ground!" He called out to his fellows. "See there the west wall... the door is open. That is our escape"

William slung his shield onto his back and picked up the the unconscious Goblin then headed for the door. Ferdinan and Jonn wondered at Williams actions but said nothing as they too retreated.

James tapped his staff twice on the ground and a bright white line ran through the doorway and into the hillside illuminating a corridor within. William walked with his burden past the wizard. The passage way was lined with tightly fitted, red, cut stone. It lead for perhaps twenty five feet and then opened into a round chamber

The Wizard's line of light lit the room enough to see its details. William noted four pillars holding up a vaulted ceiling and no other exits. He put the goblin down in the center of the floor and then examined the walls. They were very smooth and black with multiple twinkling facets like the inside of a jewel. All around the room where the wall met the floor were stacked wooden boxes and sacks and barrels.

The last inside was James who with a nod locked the door behind him. He walked the short distance into the interior and saw William kneeling before the Goblin who was now quite awake and crouched on the floor.

James' staff suddenly burst into a bright white light. The goblin gasped and covered his eyes, then retreated behind one of the pillars.

"Dim your light, Uncle, you're hurting him"

"It is time for this animal to die"

"Uncle James wait! I think this one is only a soldier. Look more closely and see; he is under some kind of compulsion."

"Pleez, plezz, no hurt Quertai. Bad Shaamon makes Quertai do nasty, sad things. Very bad. Helps you I can, yes, yes. Broken be the spell. I is free Goblin again. Enemies, we are not. Friends you may be, you give Quertai life. Gods will reward you.

William removed his shield, and sword, placing them on the ground and walked over to the cowering Globlin.

"Quertai, remove your hood and show me your hands. I will know if you are telling the truth."

"Yes, Yes, I hear you and I'ss obey." He threw back his hood revealing a bald head with a few tuffs of white hair and small, round ears. His trembling hands were held upward for examination.

William reached out and grasped Quertai's hands and the Goblin tried to leap away but William held him firmly. He examined with care each three fingered hand turning them over repeatedly.

"You have good hands and I perceive a good heart ."

Quertai's thin lips parted in a broad smile displaying glistening white, pointed, teeth.

"Well done my son. You have seen a greater truth which is beyond this narrow world, one that most are blind to. I am proud of you."

William turned. He saw his father sitting on the ground supported by Ferdinan. His face was pale as death.

James moved quickly and kneeled next to his brother. "How can this be, a Paladin brought to the ground by such a small wound?"

"It is blood poison," said Ferdinan. :"They have a Dragon on their side. Even two great Paladins cannot heal this. My son, your time is short. Speak now to thy son, William."

"This cannot be!" cried James. "It's not possible."

"Father, you cannot die." William's words were slow and forced. He was frozen, his blood chilled to ice.

"William come and take my hand. Even the mighty fall, such things cannot be foreseen..."

William crumpled to the ground and clasped his fathers hand in both of his. Jonn was cold. William was sick with fear, everything moved very slowly as his mind raced in disbelief.

The goblin spoke. He seemed unaware of the drama taking place before him . "This place here is Goblin treasures room. Very secret. I is wondering how you see de door."

Jonn observed the Goblin grimly. He whispered, "We are powerful magicians. It is easy for us to see secret things. Who is your leader Quertai?"

"The young Prince is Quertai's new leader. Where he goes I will follow."

Jonn took a long look at the Goblin, his face appeared sad as if he endured many worries but it was an honest face.

" I am Jonn, son of Ferdinan, and my son will accept your service for my sake." Quertai bowed. "But now, look at me, who is the leader of the Goblins?"

"You seek Senshen da glorious, greatest of Shaamons, leader of all Goblins. Beware! Evil, has he become. You will not like him."

"Did this Shaman, Senshen, give you that blade."

"Father, save your strength. We can worry about these things later," said William softly.

Quertai looked at his feet. "Yes, yes, Senshen gives me knife. I is sorry."

"William, you must carry on. This parting is not an end. The war goes on without me and a new power has arisen, one greater than I. It is you. You are surrounded by enemies now, before you and behind. Do as your Uncle and Grandfather instruct. Fight William, fight, do not surrender to pain and loss. Honor me with your service."

"He will not speak to us again," said Ferdinan.

William removed his helmet and his head bowed so low his forehead touched the ground."

James wept.

Ferdinan sang, chanting a song in the ancient language of the Paladin. A song welcoming death. When it was over he lay his son on the stone floor and rose to his feet.

Ferdinan went over to Quertai, "Yes, he is dead and it is by your hand that he was slain. We all know this, but we will not harm you, that is not our way.

Ferdinan sat on the ground before the goblin. "Quertai, hand me your backpack, if you please." The pack was surprisingly heavy. The old Paladin emptied the contents on the floor before him.

"Hmm, iron axe heads and a steel knife. I have never heard of Goblins using iron tools before. They and their neighbors, the Elves, are advanced stone age cultures or were unto very recently. See this spear, it has a fine flint point. Why use flint if you can smelt iron?"

"Quertai tell me where these iron tools and weapons came from?"

"Gifts to Senshen from the new men of many colors"

James paced in circles "The Vendell are here!? I was in these parts not more than eight years ago on my exploration of the artic and there were none but Elves and Goblins here." James strode to the center of the room his black robes flowing behind him. "They are coming at us from all directions. Methodical and patient, the Vendell seem to know very well what they are doing, at the very least they are great seafarers to have come so far. If only we knew what their intentions are."

"Your Magic... they want. Take your Wizards, take our Shaamon. No magic in Vendelland. But they sees, they knows what the magic can do. Hungry for magic-- they wants it. Steal all the magic from us... if they can."

"How do you know this, Quertai?"

"Vendellmen tell us everything, they thinks we too stupid to understand their words. But Goblins understand. We listen and listen. In old times Vendelland has magic. Vendellmen think you steals it from them. They wants it back."

"Well that explains how the Goblins learned the common tongue. It explains a great many things. The Vendell will not be pleased with the magical folk that they kidnap for they cannot import magic from this land to theirs. Such a thing is possible but no one remembers how it is done. It is even possible that the Vendell magic was taken from them but not by any who now lives. Only Parsevall knew the answers to these things."

"But Uncle James, we must bring Quertai to King Clarence immediately, we cannot just stay here talking. How do we get home? What of Harold and my Mother."

"On foot, overland. It will take months. But first we must sort out this trouble between the Goblins and the Elves"

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